DILRMP phase -I nearing completion in district Ramban

Ramban: Digital India Land Record Modernisation Programme (DILRMP)- phase I is nearing completion here with 96.5% document scanning and 83.7% quality check process completed in the district.
The Digital India Programme was launched Jammu and Kashmir in the year 2015 to digitize the Land record to maintain transparency and provide easy access to the stakeholders and saving their time, energy and money.
The DILRMP has three major components including computerization of land record, survey/re-survey and computerization of registration for which district has been taken as the unit of implementation, where all programme activities are being done.
The centrally funded project, DILRMP, was started in Ramban district in June 2018 starting with Ramban tehsil and later other tehsils.
In the first phase, the scanning of land records of Tehsil Ramban, Banihal, Batote, Rajgarh, Pogal-Paristan (Ukharal), Ramsoo and Khari have been completed and scanning of land records of Tehsil Gool is in progress.
Government had engaged Ramtech Software Solution Pvt. Ltd for the job with officers, officials revenue department’s data providing team to ensure page numbering and arranging in sequence all the old records lying in each tehsil for its scanning.
Deputy Commissioner (DC), Nazim Zai Khan informed that against approximately 10, 00,000 pages available for scanning , 965282 (96.5% ) have been scanned so far, while Quality check of 808232 pages ( 83.7 %) has been completed.
After scanning, cropping and quality-checking of record of Mutation (Intakaal), Girdhawri, Jamabandi, Roznamcha, Lal Kitab, levi etc of land record books, a Bar Code is given to each file at district headquarter Ramban by the experts of Ram Tech Software firm, hired by the J&K Government. From here the scanned files are sent to the Revenue Complex at Jammu where after scrutiny and sequencing it is indexed.
After the completion of the process in the UT, the processed record would be sent to Delhi for uploading on the website from where anyone can access it with a click.
The main aim of DILRMP is to usher in a system of updated and digitally preserved land records, automated and automatic mutation, integration between textual and spatial records, inter-connectivity between revenue and registration, to replace the present Deeds, Registration and presumptive title system with that of conclusive titling with title guarantee. Every citizen is expected to benefit from it in one or more ways including Real-time land ownership records which will be available to the citizens.
Since the records will be placed on the websites with proper security IDs property owners will have free access to their records without any compromise in regard to confidentiality of the information.
The single-window service or the web-enabled “anytime-anywhere” access will save the citizens’ time and effort in obtaining revenue records. Automatic and automated mutations will significantly reduce the scope of fraudulent property deals.
Conclusive titling will also significantly reduce litigation about Certificates based on land data (e.g., domicile, caste, income, etc.).
Information on eligibility for Government programmes will also be available based on the data and issuance of land passbooks with relevant information made possible due to DILRMP.
Abolition of stamp papers and payment of stamp duty and registration fees through banks, etc. will also reduce interface with the registration machinery.

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