Directives issued for protection from Coronavirus in shopping malls

Bhopal : Detailed directives pertaining to protection from Coronavirus infection and spread of its infection in shopping mall have been issued by the Commissioner Health Shri Faiz Ahmed Qidwai.

It has been said in the directives that permission has been granted for opening of shopping malls situated outside the containment zones only. Permission has not been granted for opening game zone, children’s playing area and cinema hall. It is essential for shopping malls’ manager to make arrangement of sanitizer dispenser and thermal screening. Only customers and employees wearing face masks and without symptoms of disease should be permitted to enter shopping malls. Marks should be made for physical distancing. Home delivery staff should be allowed to do delivery only after health checkup. Social distancing should be followed in elevators and seating area. Surfaces, which are touched frequently like handles, hand rails, benches etc. should be sanitized. Malls are required to ensure adherence of guidelines of social distancing of 6 feet and use of masks by employees and customers visiting malls for protection from corona infection. Protocol as regard to washing of hands, sanitization as well as sneezing and coughing should be ensured. Spitting is strictly prohibited and fine should be imposed if anyone do so.

It is mandatory to make arrangement of sanitizer and masks in shops inside malls. Permission for entry in shop should be given only on the basis of shop’s area. It is compulsory to follow a distance of 6 feet in queues outside shops and malls. Temperature of air conditioners should be maintained at 24 to 30 degree celsius and humidity 40 to 70 percent. Only 50 percent seating capacity will be allowed in the food court. The use of masks and gloves for food court employees, waiters, employees working in kitchens is mandatory. In case of any suspected or positive individual found in mall, he/she should be immediately isolated and control room should be informed. The area where Covid positive individual is found should be disinfected. All employees should be advised to use the Arogya Setu App.

Moreover, it is said in the directives that malls are required to make arrangement for regular sanitization and e-wallet system for payment. People above 65 year of age, people with co-morbidity and pregnant women should be advised to stay at home.

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