Directors Utpal Kalal and Shib Ram Sharma addressed the media about their films at MIFF

Mumbai: The way Valentine’s Day is marketed, every individual feel the need to have a partner for the day – Director Utpal Kalal

Utpal Kalal

“I am thankful to Films Division and MIFF for organising such a beautiful celebration of cinema”, 14th February and Beyond Director Utpal Kalal said in a Press Conference today at MIFF2020. Utpal was excited to have screened his film at MIFF.

Thi documentary takes a close look into the Valentine’s Day that unveils the bizarre shades of this global love fest and its ripple effect on society. His documentary deals with the issues, regarding the celebration of Valentine’s day, that is seldom visible. He said that the research period took him 2 years and that is what urged him to invest in this documentary. “The research brought forth revelations that even I could not believe”, he added. It also deals with mental health issues that people face during Valentine month.

While talking about current measures available for fighting mental health issues, Utpal remarked, “It’s clearly not enough because the way Valentine’s Day is marketed, it creates a sense of entitlement among boys and in general every individual feel the need to have a partner for the day”.

Director Shib Kumar Sharma

3 star split by Shib Kumar Sharma is a short fiction film under MIFF National Competition category. The film is based on a married couple and a split AC in their room. It showcases how something as futile as an AC can become a reason for a couple’s heightened egos leading to something as bad as divorce. “The film is primarily made for the amazing climax it offers,” Shib said. He also mentioned that shooting this film took only a day but the pre production and post production took one month each.

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