District Samba starts Online Yoga sessions


Samba: To support people’s mental and physical health amid the pandemic, District Administration Samba in collaboration with Department of India System of Medicines (ISM) today started an essential series of 3 protocols of asanas, meditation and breathing practices or pranayama for different categories of people to boost their immunity, improve their mental resilience and bring a semblance of quiet and peace.

The online Yoga classes became an instant hit among the masses as large number of government officials, general public, home isolated Covid patients and Covid recovered public participated.

The two online Yoga sessions of 30 minutes each were delivered in the morning at 7 am onwards which was formally inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner, Anuradha Gupta.

While addressing the participants, the DC said with social distancing, medical isolations on one hand and the lockdowns on the other, the people are also battling with loneliness and fear. People across borders, cultures, communities and economic classes are suffering as a consequence of this pandemic. The protocol will give hope to people who are in home isolation, and give them someone to talk to. This will also help significantly reduce fear, anxiety and rush for hospitalization.

The different yoga asans practiced included ShodhanaKriya (Yogic cleansing practices) Jalaneti, Sutra Neti, Yogic SūkṣmaVyāyāmas/ shithilikaranavyaya mas/ Pawanamuktasana series (Joint movements): Neck movements Shoulder rotation Trunk movement Knee movement Ankle rotation, Yogasana: Standing, Sitting, Prone & Supine lying, Kapalabhati, Breathing & Pranayama: Sectional breathing Nadishodhana Ujjayi Bhramari, Yoga Nidra (Pratyaahara), Meditative practices Breath awareness, Dharana & Dhyana).

The online yoga sessions were organised under the supervision of District Nodal Officer ISM Samba Dr Vikram Singh Jamwal and Dr Anil Sharma MD.

Yoga Instructor, Manik Slathia guided the participants, while Dr Nikhil Mahajan and Dr Pooja Sharma hosted the twin sessions. The NIC team samba headed by Sanjeev Kapoor provided the technological support for the programme.

The trained yoga masters and trainers will be conducting the programs to help people tide over these trying times daily morning. To join the 7am online yoga session the people can follow link https://bit.ly/3f3nYa7 and for 8 AM https://bit.ly/2SERj3n through zoom calling app.


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