Div Com Kashmir, Officers take integrity pledge


SRINAGAR : The Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Pandurang K Pole, all other officers and officials of the Divisional Commissioner’s office today took pledge for preserving Unity, integrity and Sovereignty of the nation in a ceremony held here.

During the pledge ceremony every officer pledged to dedicate themselves to preserve the unity, integrity and security of the nation and also strive hard to spread this message among fellow country men.

Besides, every officer on the occasion pledged for the unification of the country which was made possible by the vision and actions of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. They further pledged solemnly to make own contributions to ensure internal security of the country.’

In addition to the pledge, the employees were sensitized about corruption and other allied issues besides bring greater awareness on complaints under Public interest disclosure and protection of informers, and conducting special awareness campaign for clearing all outstanding Vigilance matters.


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