ANANTNAG: In continuation of Plan of Action and activity programmes formulated by JK SLSA, the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) Anantnag today organized a legal awareness programme on Solid Waste Management at Town Hall, here.

The programme was organised under the chairmanship of Naseer Ahmad Dar, Chairman DLSA (PDJ) Anantnag in collaboration with Municipal Council Anantnag and Education Department Anantnag.

On this occasion, Mir Wajahat Secretary District Legal Services Authority Anantnag briefed the audience including students nominated by Chief Education Officer Anantnag and officials of Municipal Committee and faculty members of the schools nominated as participants in the awareness programme about Solid Waste Management.

The talk and deliberation touched various contours of solid waste management including what is solid waste, what is the need to dispose of solid waste, what are the modern techniques in disposal of solid waste and other efficacious measures that could be undertaken individually to minimize production of solid wastes.

The speech further highlighted that every person produces one ton of solid waste every year and if the trend continues the solid waste production would double by 2030. So there is a need to take preemptive measures at this stage before the world is taken over by the tide of solid wastes.

During the speech, the students were urged that you can be ambassador in your homes and areas to at least minimize production of solid wastes and aware people about the same, further they can be instrumental in disseminating about the need of segregation of solid waste, to maximize recycling of the majority of solid wastes and the residue to be subjected to scientific landfilling and incineration.

The speech ended throwing challenges on the District Administration and the Chairman Municipal Council Anantnag to make endeavors in taking up the responsibility of segregation of solid wastes, collection of solid waste, scientific landfilling and procurement of scientific incinators.

A theme was pushed that a need for collaboration between public and government to establish cleanliness of the environment including solid waste management. To give impetus to the theme all the dignitaries and audience joined hands in establishing collaboration in eradication of all types of pollution and management of solid wastes.

Chairman Municipal Council, Hilal Ahmad Shah also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the achievements and took the firm resolution of establishment of all measures of solid waste management on scientific lines in Anantnag

Ifshama Mukhtar, Lecturer from Government Higher Secondary School Furrah Anantnag being specialist in environmental science spoke on solid waste management from environmental science perspective and urged the audience to take little steps in disposal of domestic wastes in pits and turn them into productive manure.

The awareness programme concluded with the note that much has been done and much more needs be done in this regard and every stakeholder shall push all his means and measures to work efficiently and soar efficiently.