DLSA Jammu establishes Help Desk to facilitate needy people amid Covid Pandemic

Jammu: Under the directions of the Patron-in-chief of the Jammu and Kashmir Legal Services Authority, Mr. Justice Pankaj Mithal (The Chief Justice of the High Court of Jammu & Kashmir) and Executive Chairman of the J&K Legal Services Authority, Mr. Justice Ali Mohammad Magray, District Legal Services authority Jammu, under the Chairmanship of M. L. Manhas Chairman, District Legal Services Authority, Yahaya Firdous, Secretary District Legal Services Authority Jammu created various HELP DESKS for District Jammu to address the distress calls and to help the needy people in the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19.

Executive Chairman Legal Services Authority, Mr. Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey is personally monitoring the working of the HELP DESKS created to assist the needy people in the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Helpdesks have been created to respond to the distress calls of the needy people who require assistance during the ongoing pandemic, besides legal assistances etc.

In Old City, Talab Tillo, Jewel, Panjtharthi, Raghunath Bazar, Talab Khatikan, etc, the people can contact Advocate Vinayak Phull on (9419104945); Para Legal Volunteer, Gurdeep Singh on (8492860240); Advocate, Nitika Bali on (9419208876 ); PLV Reema Devi on (9086355311); Advocate Kamal Magotra on (9419136655); PLV Mohammad Shafiq on (9797525512); Advocate Alisha Kholi on (9469173033); PLV Rakesh Kumar on (7889364634); Advocate Maheen Shah on (8825013588) and PLV Bhajan Singh on (9622235781).

In Jammu South, the people in need can contact Advocate Deepali Arora on (9419191583); PLV Nisha Thapa on (8492910173); Advocate Veena Julmaria on (9419655758); PLV Shail Khosla on (8803326931); Advocate Upsana Thakur on (9419577499); PLV Darshan Lal on (8493892953); Advocate Ajat Shatru Kholi on (9622014654); PLV Sunil Bogal on ( 9797685861) and PLV Rahul Verma on (7298440301).

The people of Dansal area can contact for help to Advocate, Manjeet Partap Singh on (7006728748); PLV Neha Sharma on (7889741850) and PLV Rekha Sharma on (7051027099).

The people of Janipur, Roopnagar, Bantalab, Marh, Kotbalwal etc. can contact for help to Advocate Beauty Pandita on (9469211563); PLV Nisha Panday on (6005795326); Advocate Aasya Tabassum on (9419190063); PLV Sushma Parihar on (9622313534); Advocate Richa Gupta on (9796627549); PLV Vishaka Bhat on (8716035165); Advocate Leena Devi on (7889763867); PLV Monika Thakur on (9086709958); PLV Ravinder Kumar on (9796008456) and PLV Indu Bala on (8082300365).

Likewise, residents of R.S Pura, in the event of need can contact Advocate Jyoti Bala on (9596739398); PLV Parminder Kour on (9469364233);Advocate Kesar Parveen on (9622313198); PLV Rajinder Kumar on (9596103636) and PLV Gurmeet Singh on (9622738161).

The people of Bishnah can contact Advocate Rajni Bala on (9419878597); PLV Anu Bala on (9796163678); Advocate Kesar Parveen on (9622313198); PLV Anu Radha on (9596995169); PLV Romesh Kumar on (9906024509); PLV Suman Lata on (8492060800) and PLV Sansar Chand on (9797628096).

In Akhnoor, the people in need can contact, Advocate Isha Jamwal on (9858106061); PLV Meenakshi Rajput on (9622156268); Advocate Sonika Moten on (7298372072); PLV Ankush Singh Chib on (9419139729); Advocate Meetika Sharma on (9797696239); PLV Shubham Chargotra on (9622096523); PLV Ajay Kumar on (9622247095); PLV Amresh Sharma on (9419190072); PLV Jasvinder Singh on (7051225578); PLV Vikas Sharma on (7006626703); PLV Happy Sharma on (9596740566) and PLV Nitoo Raina on (7051596383).


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