DLSA Jammu holding Lok Adalat on April 10

Jammu: A National Lok Adalat is being held in the District Court Complex Janipur, Jammu under the Chairmanship of Sanjeev Gupta Chairman, District Legal Services Authority DLSA (Pr. District & Sessions Judge) Jammu on April 10, 2021, with Pre-Lok Adalat Sessions regularly to be held from April 2, 2021 at District Court Complex. Janipur Jammu.

The cases (pre-litigation and pending) to be taken up for their amicable Pre-Litigation are, NI Act cases under Section 138; Money Recovery cases; Labour and Employment dispute cases; Land Acquisition cases (pending before civil courts/tribunals); Electricity and Water bills and other bill payment cases (excluding non-compoundable); MACT cases; Maintenance Cases; Matrimonial disputes (except divorce); Revenue cases (pending in District Courts) and Other ( Criminal Compoundable and other Civil disputes).

In this regard all concerned, including Advocates, Government Departments, Insurances Companies, financial Institutions, Banks, Litigants who are desirous of getting their Pre-Litigation and Post-Litigation/ Pending Cases amicably settled before the National Lok Adalat through reconciliation, are asked to furnish the particulars of their cases in the office of the Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Jammu on or before April 1, 2021, so that the cases can be listed in the ensuing National Lok Adalat to be held on April 10, 2021.