DLSA Udhampur establishes help desk for needy people

Udhampur: Under the directions of Executive Chairman of J&K Legal Services Authority, Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey, J&K High Court & under the chairmanship of Yash Paul Bourney, its chairman, District Legal Services Authority, Udhampur has established various Help desks to help the needy people amid Covid -19 Pandemic.

The Help Desks created by Secretary District Legal Services Authority, Rajni Sharma will address the distress calls of the people in Need.

As per the Secretary DLSA, the Help desks have been created to respond to the distress calls of the poor and needy people who require any type of assistance whether it is for transportation, ration, medical assistance etc besides other legal assistances.

In Salathia Chowk, Udhampur, People can contact Advocate, Sanjeet Kumar (9419175686), Para Legal Volunteer Rachna Devi (9149954854), Advocate, Pawan Gupta (9796674003), PLV Amit Bhardwaj (8825037287); Advocate, Akhil Dubey (9796887770) , PLV Babu Ram(6005547002) & Advocate, Karun Raina (9018110550), PLV Swarnkant Dubey (9149846683).

In M H Chowk Udhampur, People can contact Advocate, Anil Kumar (9906112988), PLV Rajni Sharma (9469257750); Advocate, Tanya Mahajan (8493968699), PLV Bandana Sharma (9419811263); Advocate, Mallikarjun Singh Slathia (9906241772), PLV Nita Devi (9149570846), Advocate, Atul Singh (7889792855) & PLV Shehnaz Akhtar (8803179481).

In Gole Market, Udhampur, People can contact Advocate, Ajay Singh Wazir (9419160182), PLV Sham Lal (9419849652); Advocate, Akhil Khajuria (9622221822), PLV Tara Chand (9858554976); Advocate Akash Samotra (9018230789), PLV Ranjinder Kumar (9622206801); Advocate, Nikhileshwar Singh Slathia (8717041153) & PLV Avtar Singh(7889607249).

Residents of Chenani can contact Advocate Balwan Singh (9622339033), PLV Sushma Sharma (7889807266); Advocate M.M Bhat (7780829428), PLV Rakesh Kumar (7006033625); Advocate Tariq Mijahid Mughal (9419167244), PLV Sumit Sharma (7889479455) & Advocate A.S Katoch (9697175289).

Likewise, residents of Majalta, Udhampur can contact Adv. Mohan Lal Gupta (9419335625), PLV Rajani Sharma (9797637933), Adv. Devinder Singh (7006886497), PLV Sonu Kumar (8491834468), PLV Rohit Verma (9906882788), PLV Angreez Singh (9596961762), PLV Sanjogta Devi (7051082171), PLV Luxmi Sharma (8899370787), PLV Suman Lata (8082824791), PLV Sunita Devi (6005367270) & PLV Meena Rani (9469420300).

Residents of Ramnagar can contact Advocate KD Sharma (7051182750), PLV Anuradha Devi (9858894926); Adv. Mohan Lal Gupta(9419158553), PLV Veena Devi (6006933827); Adv. Sudesh Kumar Gupta (9419379400), PLV Surinder Kumar (9858249073); Adv. Harjeet (9622009315), PLV Nisha Devi (6005140956); Adv Rakesh Kumar (7006839931), PLV Sheela Devi (9797616867); Adv. Vikrant Sharma (7889967016), PLV Ram Krishan (9149837544), PLV Shakti (9906292149), Parvez Deman (9149796826), PLV Abid Maqbool (9797336909) and PLV Mukhtyar Hussain (9697552650).