DLSA Udhampur extends helping hand to stranded Travelers in distress


Udhampur: In a view of ongoing lockdown imposed around the country due to COVID-19, the District Legal Services Udhampur proves a beacon of hope for sixteen family members of Delhi who have been vacated by local hotel owner for not paying rent today.

After getting the information of it that 16 standard travelers including women and children are on road due to forcible eviction by a local hotel owner where they were putting up from last fifteen days and are appealing for help, on the direction of Chairman District Legal Services Authority Chairman Y.P Bourney, Secretary DLS A , Rajni Sharma swung into action and initiated their efforts to mitigate the sufferings of family in distress.

The Secretary DLSA took up the matter with local administration and local police regarding problems of standard travelers held up here .On the direction of Secretary DLSA a police team from Udhampur police station along with Retainer Lawyer Sanjit Kumar reached the spot and rearranged hotel accommodation for families in distress.

The DLSA team also arranged meals and dry ration for standard travelers and assured every type of help till arrangement of their transportation will be made by district administration. The 16 members from Delhi were teaching craft work in local schools here, but after lockdown they became jobless and put up in a local hotel. But when they ran out of money, the hotel owner forced them to vacate the hotel today .

Meanwhile, the district administration has launched an initiative to send these families back to their homes shortly. The families in distress have expressed gratitude to DLSA and district administration for showing human face and extending help at this juncture . It is pertinent to mention here that in view of last year lockdown imposed around the country, DLSA Udhampur has proven a beacon of hope for 15 Udhampur based students standard at Nagpur due to lockdown. After taking up matter with the Nagpur administration, they were brought back to their homes.


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