Do You Wish to Study/ Settle Abroad? Here Is All You Need to Know


Isn’t it true that everybody dreams of bringing a positive change in their lives in terms of education and overall life? 

Although some of us want a luxury car, others want a six-figure salary, and we all have a common dream: to see the world and experience different cultures. This applies to students also; after finishing high school or graduation, every young mind wants to pursue higher study abroad, especially in Australia.

However, having a dream and making that dream a reality are two very different things.

There are two very common barriers that students face while applying for international studies-


A reliable education consultant.


A good result on an English language test, such as the IELTS or PTE.

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This will influence your decision to study in Australia.

How exactly an education consultant can assist you in your decision? 

A reliable and knowledgeable overseas education consultant may assist you in selecting an appropriate course, a good university, and deciding which city is best for you. Because Australia offers a variety of vocational, graduate, and postgraduate programs to foreign students.

As a result, you can pursue higher education at some of the country’s most prestigious and well-known schools. But, if you want to apply to these prestigious universities, you must first clear a PTE or IELTS exam. You must also include your GTE details. Without this, you cannot receive a student visa.

Australia has eight universities out of a total of 100 top across the world. Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania, and Brisbane are six of the top education cities in the world.

IELTS: International English Language Testing System 

Australia, being a predominantly English-speaking country, requires overseas students to clear an accredited English proficiency test to pursue their education there.

IELTS is the most common English proficiency test in the world and can provide a myriad of possibilities for students as well as immigrants. This test is divided into four modules viz. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, to grade your language skills.

The best bit about IELTS is that a good band score in IELTS will help you get admission to top-tier universities across the globe. Mind you, this is a proficiency test and thus one has to focus on how well they can communicate their ideas/thoughts/messages keeping in mind the grammar, syntax, and coherence.

IELTS Tutorials aim to guide students who wish to achieve their desired score in the IELTS exam in a way that they are prepared not only to crack the test but also for their future endeavours in Australia for communicating in English through their IELTS coaching. This is the overview of how IELTS Tutorials does it:


  •       Free 20+ Practice Tests: When you register with IELTS Tutorials, you get 20+ Free Practice Tests so that you can continue shaping yourself to perfection.
  •       Free Mobile Apps: Do not let commitments, functions or anything deter you from practicing for your IELTS exam. We have free mobile apps for every module of IELTS including Speaking and Writing to help you push your potential.
  •       Online Coaching: A paid service that is exceptionally affordable, as well as resourceful, Online coaching, covers personalized coaching from Certified and expert IELTS tutors who not only help you chisel your English language skills. Get your IELTS practice test papers evaluated, doubts solved, and more through the private telegram channel. It’s also flexible in terms of timing and has limited students to provide focused attention on students. An absolute deal-breaker, isn’t it?

PTE-A Exam: How to clear PTE with ease?


PTE stands for Pearson Test of English and the ‘A’ stands for academic. It is one of the English skill tests that aspirants looking to study or settle in Australia, NZ, the UK, and other countries take.
PTE Exam can be booked any time of the year and can be taken in more than 50 countries at around 300 exam centres.

PTE-A exam is a 2-hour long exam that assesses your communicative skills through 4 different sections (Speaking, Writing, Reading, & Listening). In this 2-hour long exam, you need to answer 63-71 questions divided into 20 different tasks.
The enabling skills that are required to clear the exam are your grammatical skills, oral fluency, pronunciation, and more.
PTE Tutorials is one of the platforms that help aspirants clear the exam with professionally proven preparation methods. Over the years, it has helped thousands clear the exam and have a success ratio of over 80%.

PTE Tutorials provides the following to help you clear the exam:

  • Online Group coaching: With the batches set at different times you get the freedom to choose one at your convenience. In this type of coaching, you get 8-weeks of live coaching, video-recorded sessions of the classes, and 5 scored tests for FREE to prepare better.
  • Comprehensive PTE Mobile app: PTE Tutorials’ mobile app has the highest number of sample questions to practice. With this PTE preparation app, you can also check your scores with AI assessment, join live webinars, watch YouTube videos by experts, improve your vocab, and more.
  • Exam memories materials: Learning with a set of previously asked exam questions, and the most repeated exam questions scoring becomes easy, and PTE Tutorials provides you with this authentic practice material that helps you increase your PTE score in a better way.



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