Doctors help expand the reach of medical crowdfunding industry in India

New Delhi: On this doctor’s day Milaap, India’s trusted medical crowdfunding platform, extends a grateful salute to the doctors and the broader medical fraternity in the country for their selfless service towards a healthier and happier nation. Through its collaboration with over 350 doctors and 800 hospitals so far, Milaap has been honored and humbled in assisting with life-changing and life-saving medical procedures achieved through the generosity of compassionate citizens all over India.


Milaap’s data provides an interesting glimpse into the role that doctors’s and healthcare professionals play in the landscape of charitable giving in India. The platform prides itself for over 120 partnerships with individual doctors from Bangalore alone, making it the top city for helping patients through crowdfunding. From Hyderabad and Mumbai, there are around 44 and 37 doctors respectively, and another 120 from Delhi and Chennai combined. These renowned doctors individually work to create awareness on the alternative financial model to patients in case they have run out of their funds to treat themselves or their near and dear ones.


To make medical treatment affordable and accessible to a wider section of the population, Milaap also collaborates with multiple hospitals in different pockets of India. They help introduce and guide patients to explore the power of online collective giving in case they seek monetary help. At present, Milaap works actively with 63 hospitals from Bangalore, 44 from Hyderabad, 37 in Mumbai, 35 in Delhi and around 31 from Chennai. The priority ailments include liver transplants, heart transplants, bone marrow transplants, children needing Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), oncology, cardiology, burn cases, road injuries, SMA and covid from recent times


Anoj Viswanathan, Co-founder and President of Milaap, India’s first zero fee platform, said, “ Doctors and healthcare professionals are forerunners in spreading awareness on the possibilities of medical crowdfunding and going a step further to protect their distressed patients. We take pride in being a trusted partner for the medical fraternity in the country and will continue to work towards financially enabling them to save more lives everyday. Milaap works to add a safety net for the most complicated and rare diseases that come at a high-cost along with its long-term expenses. As with all other stakeholders, we ensure a secure and seamless giving platform for healthcare professionals and together we strengthen the entire online giving experience. ”


As the leader in the crowdfunding space, Milaap started the model of hospital partnerships to empower patients with limited means with the potential of medical crowdfunding. In this model doctors are at the forefront of creating awareness about this alternative or supplementary funding channel. For the families of patients this has often been crucial to overcome the struggle of mobilizing the necessary resources. Tie-up with hospitals also adds an added layer of trust and legitimacy to the fundraisers, since the doctors clearly state the condition of patients and provide correct estimates of funds required. Transferring funds and processing costs for long-term treatments also become hassle-free with hospital partnerships. The proven effectiveness of this model has enabled Milaap to work with the leading hospitals in India such as the Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Global Hospital, Rela’s Institute, Apollo Hospitals, SRCC Hospital, TMC Hospital, Wadia Hospital, KIMS Hospitals, Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Wadia Hospital, Max Hospital and many more.


Milaap thanks the medical fraternity and its donor community once again for their continued trust as a conduit for their compassionate giving. It pledges to make its platform experience yet more seamless for all stakeholders so that our dear doctors can carry on with the most important task on their hands: saving lives and spreading smiles.