DPS RNE sweeps two prestigious awards at ARIO’s National Education Excellence Awards

New Delhi: DPS RNE scored big at the recently held ARIO National Education Excellence Awards, by taking away two honourable awards and glories home for their exceptional contribution in the field of education.

Helmed by the Ministry of MSME and Corporate Affairs, the Ario Group of Companies honoured Mrs Pallavi Upadhyaya with the ‘Outstanding Principal of the Year Award 2022-23. She was credited for her indefatigable efforts and unflinching dedication towards the upliftment of the education stratum and children as a whole.

As a school, DPS RNE received the ‘Best Eco-friendly/Green School of the Year Award for keeping the school premises eco-friendly and filled with nature’s light and positivity. The award acknowledged the school’s efforts to maintain a sanguine and green environment that aids in the growth, concentration and overall physical and mental health of students in the Covid era.

The DPS RNE family was over the moon after the awards were announced and expressed heartfelt gratitude for the recognition.

On receiving the awards, Mrs Pallavi Upadhyaya, Principal, DPS RNE, said, “It is a matter of great pride and cachet for every member of the DPS RNE. It is not a win for a school unit, it is an ideological achievement. We have always stood by our principles and put them into practice for the well-being of our students. To have received such a resounding response and award was like crowning our thinking and motivated us to do better in the future. On a personal level, it has left me teary-eyed as I have a long-term commitment to the educative field and the award has nourished the roots of my elongation and fuel that keeps me going.”