Dr. Arya got best research award from prestigious Academy of NRCM

Jammu: Dr. Vivak Manohar Arya, scientist of SKUAST-Jammu got best research paper award in national conference & seminar on “Natural resource conservation and management” organized by prestigious Academy of Natural Resource Conservation & Management(ANRCM), Lucknow and ICAR New Delhi.

The conference was attended by more than three hundred scientists from across the globe. Few of the eminent scientists who attended the conference are Dr. O.N. Singh, Vice-chancellor, Birsa Agriculture University, Ranchi, Dr. R.C. Srivastava, Vice-Chancellor, RPCAU, Pusa, Bihar, Dr. Bijendra Singh, Vice-Chancellor, NDUAT, Dr. Bharat R. Sharma, IWMI, New Delhi, Dr. Surinder S. Kukal, Member, Punjab Water Regulatory Authority, Chandigarh, Dr. S.K. Ambast, Ex-Director, ICAR-IIWM, Dr. A. Arunachalam, Director, ICAR-CAFRI, Jhansi, Dr. Atul Kumar Singh, Dr.Sanjay Arora, Dr. D.K. Sharma, Dr. M.S. Hadda, PAU-Ludhiana, Dr. Vikas Sharma from SKUAST-Jammu, Dr. Ajay K. Bhardwaj, Executive Member, ANRCM, Dr. T. K. Srivastava, Dr. K. Rajan, Dr. Rana P. Singh, Dr. G.C. Kisku, Dr. Nilay Borah, Prof. Ram Chandra, Dr. S.S. Singh, Dr. Neelima Garg, Dr. Sanjay Swami and many others. The paper authored by Dr. Arya, Dr. Vikas Sharma, Mrs. Meena Yadav & Ajay Thakur entitled “Impact of different soil & water conservation modules on soil quality in the sub montane of north – western Himalayas”.

The research concluded from the study that resource conservation techniques should be adopted in submontane Shivaliks for reducing the soil and nutrient loss. Usage of cover crop, agrostological measures, terrace farming, contour plowing & perimeter runoff control effectively conserve the soil & water and were also effective to retain in situ nutrients. The carbon content also increased with the use of resource conservation techniques which is very good indicator as carbon act as bridge between nutrient, water and soil. The soils of submontane Shivaliks are under tremendous stress because of high soil erosivity and poor soil management practices.

The study strongly recommends adoption of resource conservation techniques for reducing soil erosion & water conservation in submontane Shivaliks. The other part of study revealed that there is an improvement in water quality index of adopted ponds which can be further improved by sustaining the conservation modules. The trainings and awareness given to farmers & local residents of village also played an important role as sense of belonging for the ponds was created. Dr. Arya has completed many externally funded projects on the themes of climate change, soil quality and natural resource management.

Dr. Arya has written more than 20 research papers in reputed international and national journals. He had authored two books, many book chapters and more than 30 popular articles. Dr. Arya has been awarded with various best research paper awards and other distinguished awards by societies & organizations of national & international reputations. He is an external expert to many prestigious universities organizations and socities viz. DST, DBT, HESCO, ICAR, NABARD, PAU, HPKV, IGKVV, MIDH, ISSS, SCSI, ANRCM & SKUAST-K.


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