Dr. C. Joe Arun, SJ. Appointed as the new Director of LIBA

New Delhi: The committee of Society of Jesus has appointed Dr. C. Joe Arun, SJ. to serve as the next Director of Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) beginning this May, 2019. LIBA, a 40 year old business management institute located in Chennai, is one of the premier B-schools in the country known for its excellence in ethics and values.

In his 18 years of robust experience in academic and industry, Dr. Joe Arun, SJ. has done extensive research in the areas of consumer behaviour, cross-cultural management, conflict and identity construction and other related areas. He has published books and scientific papers in areas such personal growth, globalization, leadership and strategy. He holds an MBA from IIBM and Madras University and a PhD from Oxford University UK.

Prior to joining LIBA, Dr. Joe Arun was the Director of St. Joseph’s Institute of Management (JIM), Trichy where he was instrumental in elevating the institute as one of the topB-Schools in the country. He also served as the Director of Goa Institute of Management (GIM) and Secretary& Correspondent of Loyola College, Deputy Director of LICET, Director of Xavier Institute of Business Administration (XIBA), Palayamkottai. He enjoys teaching as well as doing research on consumer behaviour, marketing, strategy, organisational behaviour, personal growth, and entrepreneurship in B Schools in India and in France, UK, Germany and Taiwan.

Commenting on his appointment, Dr. Joe Arun, SJ. said, “This position is a responsibility and a mission given by my Society to form and prepare the next generation of innovative, globally engaged business leaders who are responsible and live a life based on values and also promoting excellence in research in management studies. It’s a time of rapid change in every field by the use of technology. I’m really looking forward to being part of this innovative future and contributing to the change-making process.”