Dr. Harsh Vardhan dedicates an Innovation Portal developed by National Innovation Foundation (NIF) – India to the nation

New Delhi: The Union Minister for Science & Technology, Earth Sciences, Health & Family Welfare Dr. Harsh Vardhan dedicated an Innovation Portal, developed by National Innovation Foundation (NIF) – India, an autonomous body of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, to the nation, in New Delhi today.

The National Innovation Portal(NIP)  is currently home to about 1.15 lakh innovations scouted from common people of the country, covering Engineering, Agriculture, Veterinary and Human Health. In terms of domain areas, presently the innovations cover Energy, mechanical, automobile, electrical, electronics, household, chemical, civil, textiles, Farm / cultivation practice, storage practice, plant variety, plant protection, poultry, livestock management, nutraceuticals etc.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that credit goes to the Prime Minister for igniting the Innovation Movement and creating an Innovation Eco-system in the country during  the last 6 years.He congratulated the Atmanirbhar citizens who defeated the problems and challenges through their creative potential and deployment of their innovative Science and Technology based solutions. The Minister emphasized on the growing importance of outstanding Traditional Knowledge, particularly herbal practices which stem from tribal areas, and is one of the key highlights of the Innovation Portal. He said that this Innovation Portal will help institutionalise new ideas by common people towards finding solutions to local problems.

The Minister highlighted  “Best Economy is the Idea Economy and Innovative co-efficient is the most important for the progress of the country”, and added that in future it will be the idea that will drive the progress of the nation.  He emphasized that the Innovation Portal will create an eco-system where the Institutions will stand behind all those who can convert their ideas and innovations into entrepreneurship.  He urged for a Stand-up Start-up system in the country where anyone who has the desire to innovate,should be encouraged to develop his or her ideas, irrespective of their background whether  rural, tribal or anyone with formal science background.He further observed that the year 2020 was a year of turbulence like never before, and digital infrastructure of our nation has immensely grown and helped all of us. The Innovation Portal in coming days could be one of the significant contributions amongst all of our digital progress so far and would act as a bridge between people who are looking for Innovative solutions and those who had been at the helm of their evolution.He urged students, entrepreneurs, MSME’sand common people engaged in a variety of occupations to take advantage of the Innovations portal and explore innovations of interest.

Dr Harsh Vardhan expressed his confidence in extraordinary commitment from common people toward innovations which would drive country’s Technology Leadership and have it touch great heights in years to come. He lauded the efforts of NIF and DST in arriving at 1.15 Lakh Innovations as a starting point of this Innovations portal, which by itself is a great beginning.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, DST mentioned that this innovation portal is being on-boarded at a very appropriate time within the innovation eco-system of our nation, by way of coinciding with evolution of 5th National STI Policy of India. He said the future contributors to the innovation portal will stem from the focus areas of the policy, and hence it is important that eco-system of R&D and innovation be created in rural and remote areas, particularly in the North East, Islands and Tribal areas. Prof Ashutosh explained the NIF is not only engaged in scouting for ideas but also taking them forward. The Innovation Portal will help create local entrepreneurs out of grassroots ideas and will help bring ideas to the market, he said.

Dr PS Goel, Chairperson, NIFobserved that innovation portal is a saga of determination of every Indian who believed in evolving his or her own solutions to fit the needs. He urged the industry to visit the portal with an eye to develop them into products for commercialisation.

Dr Vipin Kumar, Director, NIF proposed a vote of thanks on the occasion of the launch of innovations portal.

Innovation Portal is a step towards Atmanirbhar Bharat and an excellent resource for students, entrepreneurs, MSME’s, Technology Business Incubators (TBI’s) and common people engaged in a variety of occupations.

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