Dr. Kiran Bedi talks about LEADERSHIP IN THE TIME OF CRISIS in a candid virtual chat with Vertica Dvivedi, Founder WADE ASIA

New Delhi: Lt. Gov of Puducherry, Dr. Kiran Bedi today spoke with Ms. Vertica Dvivedi, Founder WADE ASIA, a platform for Women Entrepreneurs, Co-chair, WEC, PHDCCI as part of the inaugural virtual talk series THE VERTICA DVIVEDI SHOW.

Addressing the crisis caused by Covid-19 affecting the physical, economical and mental well being of people across the board, she said, “The Corona pandemic has flattened the curve of consumption, mobility; it has deflated our ego and made all of us equal in times of adversity. Accept the reality as it is; this will help you bounce back. It’s a new normal for all of us. It is important for all to rethink, re-plan, re-orient, re-work, up-skill, and re-train.”

Talking about the biggest learning in these pandemic times, Dr. Bedi spoke of 4S’s – Shikha, Sanskar, Sakshamta, and Swastch, something that was also the cornerstone of her success story with the Tihar Jail inmate’s long back.

While answering a question from a viewer on what she deemed true leadership as, Dr, Bedi stressed, “We all think leadership is a position, but it is external. I think everybody is a leader. You lead yourself. So, if you don’t know what’s going on with you are in a wrong way. Lead yourself before you become an external leader. You must learn to lead yourself, then only you exude your true values. Leadership occurs in the moments of challenge, not in the moments of ease.”

Addressing youth in rural India, she said “It needs a lot of mobilization which is untapped at this time. They should not be run to cities. We need them to enable these 3s to them. Particularly agricultural skills, environment skill, proper healthcare, vocational skills, internet facilities, etc. COVID has flattened rural areas as well. Enabling rural people with facilities and the fact that they are in a good place with good things is very important.”

Answering to Little Ajnaa’s (9-year-old viewer) on her message to kids and parents, she said, “Do all whatever you like. Do what you enjoy. Do what you love doing. Regularly read.” And to parents worried about their kid’s future, “Keep your baby happy, see your baby’s talent and then create an environment for them according to their talent. Allow your child to grow in the environment of joy”.

On a lighter note, answering a viewer’s question on why she is not able to fix the criminal politicians just like the way she reformed many inmates in Tihar Jail, she quipped, ‘because they are not in jail yet.’ ☺ A lot of things are possible in a confined space like a jail which is difficult outside.

Talking about Puducherry, she explained how in Puducherry, they are trying to bring in responsible behavior at all levels, be it the highest or the lowest ranks.

Last but not the least, her advice to youth, “Don’t let negativity rest and nest; today is the time for eternal vigilance. Live up to your own expectations; make a positive choice…Happiness is a state of mind. Having said that, failure is not generic, preparation is also an achievement. However, if you are not giving efforts or coming out of comfort zone, then you can’t succeed. We should have faith in our effort. if you are doing effort in the right direction, you will definitely succeed.”


The Vertica Dvivedi Show is a one-hour long virtual talk with inspiring personalities, thought leaders, and frontrunners in varied fields for an open discussion related to relevant issues of the time. It aims to serve as a knowledge platform for anybody seeking answers related to the topic at hand.

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