Dr Mohammad Farhan Fazli of AMU, delivered Talk in Australian Institute of Architects, South Brisbane, Australia

Aligarh: Dr Mohammad Farhan Fazli, Convener Heritage Cell, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), delivered an online talk on ‘Heritage-A Showcase of Cultural Identity’ in Australian Institute of Architects, South Brisbane, Australia.

He mentioned that the Heritage provides recognition to the cities.

“Aligarh Muslim University in India is also a Heritage Institution, and there are more than 70 heritage buildings and sites on the campus,” said Dr Fazli.

He further said that the university administration is taking keen interest in the restoration of its heritage buildings.

This invited talk was a part of ‘EmAgn Talk’ series organised by the Australian Institute of Architects in which Architects from various countries are representing. Madelynn Jenkins National Membership Programs Officer is also organising the event.

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