Dr.Sabitha Ramamurthy, Chancellor, CMR University awarded the “Nari Narayani” on Women’s day by Public TV

Bengaluru: On the occasion of Women’s Day, Dr Sabitha Ramamurthy, Chancellor of CMR University was awarded the “Nari Narayani” award along with the 10 other women achievers. Dr Sabitha was awarded for her achievements and contributions to the education sector in India. The event was organized by Public TV and inaugurated by the Chief of Public TV, H.R. Ranganath and GJM Project Head, Gurujala Jaganmohan. Dr Sabitha was recognised for being the force behind the growth of CMR University in Bangalore.

An ex-IPS Officer, Dr Sabita Ramamurthy, who plunged into the ocean of education with a school affiliated to the CBSE in 1990, is now a masterful sailor carrying the huge learning curve of CMR legacy. Since the formation of the CMR Group of Institutions, a total of 18 educational institutions have been successfully run by herself. The university accommodates more than 20,000 students from India and other countries in various departments of CMR institutions.

Speaking at the event, Dr Sabitha Ramamurthy, Chancellor of CMR University said, “Education plays a key role in building a better society. It is an important instrument and power tool for progression and for creating future leaders. To build a better society and future, educating women is essential and it is the need of the hour. Women’s education plays an imperative role in building a successful and strong nation. It not only helps in developing human resources but improves the overall quality of life at home and outside.”

We, at CMR University, are trying to bridge the gender gap and provide a safe working ecosystem for women across all levels. We at CMR are providing platforms to our students and faculty to be out there in the society and work towards enhancing the quality of life of people through their efforts and the collective good of society.” she added.


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