Dr. Urjit Patel, RBI Governor felicitates Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics (MDAE) class of 2017-18 at convocation ceremony


Mumbai: Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics (MDAE), one of the leading institutes for post-graduate studies in Economics, recently hosted a convocation ceremony wherein Dr. Urjit Patel, RBI Governor felicitated the MDAE student batch of 2017-18 in the presence of Lord Meghnad Desai, Chairman at MDAE.

While giving a speech to the students during the ceremony at MDAE, Dr. Patel shared his thoughts on the role and importance of economists. “Economists play a vital role in shaping public perceptions and discourses and in designing strategic policies in the corporate sector, central banks, governments and multilateral institutions and they are more often than not unsung. However, their greatest contribution to policy making may take place through less direct routes such as through their research by nudging policymakers to think about economic problems/challenges in newer/different ways.” He also lauded the Indian government’s landmark reforms with the Good & Services Tax, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 and monetary policy reforms.

Commenting on the convocation ceremony, renowned economist & Chairman at MDAE, Lord Meghnad Desai said, “We are privileged to have such an eminent dignitary like Dr. Urjit Patel, RBI Governor to have graced his presence for the ceremony and felicitating the next generation of economists to take the lead in bringing incremental changes in the country. Dr. Patel’s speech and support for economists is highly appreciated and much needed during these times of renewed enthusiasm to bring changes within the economy. With his blessings and the academy’s guidance, I believe that our students will meet the ever changing demands of the market, industry, policy think tank and government.”

MDAE has quickly established itself as an exceptional centre of academic excellence through its meticulous approach to a holistic education in the field of economics for its students. Its programs are created with substantial input and participation from top-ranking corporates, with a view to enhancing and improving the employment opportunities for its graduates. In addition to organizing panel discussions and other events featuring thought leaders and experts, the Academy also provides mentorship and networking opportunities that helps its students rub shoulders with the best in industry, media, and government.