Dr. Zakir Husain Library of JMI reopens today


    New Delhi: Dr. Zakir Husain Library, the iconic Central Library of Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) was thrown open to its students today after its vandalization on 15th December 2019.
    The library reopened after its extensive renovation and face lifting and was hugely welcomed by large student community of the university.
    With nearly 800 seating capacity consisting of a reading hall, research floor, reference and
    periodical section and a well equipped digital resource centre, comprising of 150 computers, library resumed all its services today. The text book and research sections of the library are opened till midnight and witness huge footfall.
    Effort has been made by providing better facilities to students by installing LED lights and
    providing new and comfortable chairs.
    Library proposes to strengthen its user services in coming days by extensively leveraging
    information and communication technologies. It is a matter of great satisfaction that despite
    heavy odds library has been able to utilize its budgetary allocation completely and renew its
    subscription to electronic databases.
    Officiating Vice Chancellor of JMI, Prof. Ilyas Husain expressed satisfaction over opening of the
    new block of the library after a long time. He hoped that the old section of the library will also be
    opened soon.
    The period of nearly three months during which library remained closed was utilized for
    improving the functioning of a large number of Faculty and Departmental Libraries by deputing
    there the staff of Central Library .
    The free time was also utilized to migrate library management software to an open source
    software from the commercial one for more effective integration and discovery of resources


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