Dragonlearn.in launched Olympiad “Plus”, an Online Competition in Mathematics for Primary School Students

Faridabad: Dragonlearn.in launched Olympiad “Plus”, an Online Competition in Mathematics for Primary School Students on 16 April at DPS Faridabad. There was a brief cultural programmer and the coordinators of the competition briefed the guests and the students about the competition. After that the guest of honour pressed the ‘start’ button on an interactive whiteboard, starting the contest on all devices across the country. New Olympiad Plus consists of fun and interactive tasks in game form. The tasks get students to think out of the box but do not require any in-depth knowledge of the school curriculum. Unique online format allows every child to take part regardless of their level of knowledge, social and geographical background.

The purpose of the competition is to build a common interest in mathematics. Aimed at logical thinking, attention, imagination, the fun and interactive tasks of the competition are designed in a child friendly gamified format to develop creative thinking and build students’ Interest in mathematics.

The competition entry is on the website Dragonlearn.in and is completely free of charge. The entry will be verified by the School Teacher and password with login and other related information will be provided to students. In the main round students will have only 60 minutes to complete the tasks during any day of the contest period. System automatically calculates the results and they will appear immediately after competition in the students’ and teachers’ profiles. Awards will be available approximately on the next day after the completion of the main round. All students can participate in the main round; they only need a computer or a mobile device with Internet access.

Dr. Indu Kumar- Associate Professor, HOD-ICT and Training Division of CIET, NCERT was guests of honour for the occasion. She emphasized on the importance of interacting with children. She also said” Mathematics will become like a game for the children who participate in Olympiad Plus. She wished the children the very best to succeed in this competition”

Professor A.K. Rajput, the esteemed guest further added that Olympiad Plus will not only provide a platform to learn but also give the children and opportunity to assess their potential as against the international standards.