‘Drug Abuse Prevention Programmes’ held in AMU schools

Aligarh: Alarmed at the increase in substance abuse among adolescents, the Saiyyid Hamid Senior Secondary School (Boys) and Senior Secondary School (Girls) of Aligarh Muslim University organised ‘Drug Abuse Prevention Programmes’ in which experts sensitised children on the dangers of drug use, the necessity to report drug use and the need to develop resistance to prevailing peer and social pressures.

The awareness programmes held at both the schools were organised by the University’s Faculty of Medicine and National Institute of Social Defence, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India in line with the National Action Plan for Drug Demand Reduction (NAPDDR).

“Substance abuse among children, who are developing important life skills, identity, likes, and dislikes can unknowingly set themselves up for a potentially life-threatening habit, making prevention critical,” said Prof Abid Ali Khan, Deputy Director, Directorate of School Education, while speaking to the students of Senior Secondary School (Girls).

Conducting the workshop, Prof M Mobarak Hossain (Project Coordinator), Dr Saira Mehnaz, Dr Ali Jafar Abedi, Dr Sofia, Dr Safia Habib and Dr Anwar Husain Siddiqui spoke on the importance of health and happiness of all young people to turn them away from drug abuse.

Presiding over the programme at the Saiyyid Hamid Senior Secondary School (Boys), Dr Anwar Shahzad, Assistant Director, Directorate of School Education said that using drugs can lead to problems with memory, increase the risk for health problems due to heightened hazardous behaviours, difficulties at school, strain on family relationships and possible mental health problems.

Ms Naghma Irfan (Principal, Senior Secondary School-Girls) and Mr S M Mustafa (Principal, Saiyyid Hamid Senior Secondary School-Boys) extended the vote of thanks at the programmes in their respective schools.