DSEJ organises Webinar on ‘Breast Cancer Disease- Early Detection Saves Lives’

Jammu: Directorate of School Education Jammu in collaboration with Medanta Hospital Gurugram organised a webinar on ‘Breast Cancer Disease – Early Detection Saves Lives’ for creating awareness about this disease among Adolescent Girls and Female Staff of School Education Department.
Director School Education Jammu, Anuradha Gupta, presided over the session while Dr. Kanchan Kour, Director Medanta Divisional Health Services was the Resource Person. More than two thousand participants attended this session Live and subsequently many more took the benefit of the webinar through various other social media platforms which included HOIs, teachers, adolescent girls, students and members of the society.
While inaugurating the session, Anuradha Gupta, Director School Education Jammu emphasised on the importance of the topic, saying that the awareness about breast cancer needs to be spread so that girls and women who are shy to discuss such issues openly may get acquainted about its early symptoms and share this knowledge with others, especially girls. She encouraged the participants to ask more and more questions about breast cancer without any hesitation from Dr. Kanchan Kour.
Dr. Kanchan Kour, Director Medanta Divisional Health Services threw light on the causes, symptoms and treatment available for breast cancer. She stressed upon self-examination to be conducted by girls and women so as to know about any changes and consult the specialist on time.
Queries raised by participants related to breastfeeding, oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy, breast reconstruction, treatment options,etc. were also addressed by the resource person .
Romesh Sharma, Head Counselling Cell DSEJ coordinated this webinar whereas Alka Sharma, Team Member, Cultural and Educational Cell DSEJ moderated the proceedings of the session. Mr. Sohail Wani, incharge IT cell, provided the required technical support.