DSEJ sensitises students about Child protection issues

Jammu: In pursuance to the Counselling activity Calendar of Summer zone issued by the Directorate of School Education Jammu, all the higher secondary and High schools of Jammu Division organised various counselling sessions in the month of August 2020 on child protection issues using virtual platforms.
These online counselling sessions/communications on child protection issues were conducted by faculty counsellors in High and Higher secondary schools of Jammu Division benefitting approximately 20,000 students. Many faculty counsellors developed IEC material, infographics, PPT and other communication material regarding child protection issues and circulated in the groups . Many students themselves prepared online communication material on child safety and security under the supervision of faculty counsellors .
The practical tips shared by faculty Counsellors gave students important insights on various issues like child rights, cyber-crimes and security, prevention of child abuse, prevention of corporal punishments, child labour, safe touch-unsafe touch and bullying and ragging. Students were specially sensitized about `Child Protection` The counseling sessions were well received by the students. Child protection activities like cybercrimes and security were even included in DSEJ weekly assignments to make it reach maximum students.
Director School Education Jammu, Anuradha Gupta applauded the efforts of Counselling cell DSEJ regarding taking initiatives for ensuring safety and security of children during COVID-19 times. She said that the faculty counsellors are leaving no stone unturned to make their reach to the core psychosocial problems of students and trying to address the raised issues.
While addressing these sessions, the faculty counsellors guided the students that Counseling is not to be viewed as a stigma and ignorance about it should be fought. They even tried to satisfy the different queries raised by the students in these sessions. The faculty members of Counselling cells help students to promote their awareness on these issues.
Romesh Sharma, Head Counselling Cell DSEJ informed the psychological task force members that due to COVID-19 Pandemic, new child protection issues like Cybercrimes, cyber bullying, internet addiction have emerged due to increased screen time and internet usage time and suggested to reach out to guide students to safeguard themselves against these crimes.
Members of Psychological Task Force comprising District Nodal Officers, District Counselling coordinators and Zonal Counselling coordinators provided support to the faculty counsellors for conduct of these activities. They were guided about various new programmes of counselling and how to create more awareness about already existing programmes.

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