DSM India Launches the Second Project Streedhan campaign during National Nutrition Month 2020

New Delhi: During National Nutrition Month 2020, DSM India – a purpose-led, science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living – launched its second Project Streedhan campaign, underlining the need to build immunity through proper nutrition. Through a digital film ‘Sehat Ki Tijori’, the campaign urges women to stock their vault of health with nutritious food, and to view it as a lifetime investment.

Project Streedhan is a CSR initiative of DSM India, aimed at increasing awareness among urban Indian women to prioritise their health. The first phase of the campaign was launched in 2019 on the occasion of Dhanteras, creating awareness about iron-deficiency anemia, and encouraged women to “invest in iron and not only gold” by consuming foods rich in iron.


Project Streedhan’s second phase, Sehat Ki Tijori, creates awareness of the link between nutrition and immunity. It exhorts women to ensure that they are consuming immunity-building foods, investing in their health – the real wealth – thus helping ensure that they are protected against disease and infection.


Link to the film – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-v6I_HAl6g&feature=youtu.be


According to India’s Diet Paradox – a consumer survey report by DSM’s Nu-Shakti™ brand – virtually all respondents of the survey (98%) agreed that a nutritious diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle, however, 60% of the respondents ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ made a conscious effort to ensure a nutritious diet.


The Streedhan campaign seeks to drive home that our health is our real wealth at all times, and that we need to nurture our immunity by feeding it, building it, and protecting it. Sehat Ki Tijori has been crafted to emphasise this message, as well as to encourage social distancing and wearing a mask.


Commenting about the campaign, B. Rajagopal (President – DSM India) said, “Three out of four women in India are deficient in vitamins. And being deficient in vitamins is known to lower immunity, and therefore lower resistance to infections. Project Streedhan seeks to highlight this very important aspect, especially since many women by nature tend to focus much more on the health of their families and often at the cost of their own health. We want to encourage women to invest in themselves, and take charge of their health through proper nutrition. Health and immunity is our real wealth, and it is up to us to feed it, grow it and protect it.”


The film has been applauded on the first day itself. Dr R Sankar, Director, The India Nutrition Initiative of Tata Trusts, commented, “Immunity has become a key topic of conversation in recent times, given the pandemic. However, there is lower awareness about the link between immunity and nutrition. Given that around 75% of women in India are deficient in vitamins, it is imperative to create this awareness on how a nutritious diet and adequate intake of vitamins and other nutrients is essential to build immunity and help fend off diseases. I appreciate the efforts of the Streedhan campaign to continually encourage women to invest in their own health.”


FCB Ulka Advertising, one of India’s most awarded creative agencies, has conceptualized and crafted this second phase of the Streedhan campaign. They are the flagship agency of the FCB Network in India, one of the fastest growing networks in the country. They were also the creative force behind the immense success of the first Streedhan campaign, launched in 2019. This campaign was extremely successful in garnering traction on social as well as traditional media. The main video garnered more than 22 million views across social media and YouTube through the official ‘Project Streedhan’ pages.


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