DTU Sees Sharp Rise in Engineering Degree Applicants Amid High Demand

An engineering programme from DTU is once again a popular choice among those who have submitted quota 1 applications. By the 12 noon deadline on Friday, DTU had received a total of 8,066 applications for admission. This is an increase of eight per cent compared to last year’s number of applicants.

The increase is greatest for the BSc programmes, to which 5,342 have applied. Last year there were 4,679 applicants, corresponding to an increase of 14 per cent. The number of applicants who had DTU as their first priority has also increased by 11 per cent.

“I’m pleased to see that so many people want to study at DTU and contribute to solving society’s major challenges. At the same time, it frustrates me that, due to political priorities and reforms, we are not able to admit all those who are qualified, even though the need for engineers in industry is very high and still increasing,” says Anders Bjarklev, President of DTU.

Broad engineering skills are alluring

The English-language BSc programme General Engineering is once again the most popular programme at DTU this year. 894 applicants have applied, which is 28 per cent more than last year. This makes General Engineering the DTU programme with the most applications ever.

The programme provides students with a broad range of skills with a focus on providing specific and practical solutions to real-world problems. With a curriculum that encompasses maths, physics, chemistry and biotechnology, General Engineering provides skills that can be used whether you want to work in AI, medicine, infrastructure or something else entirely.

Europe’s best engineering programme

This year, a total of 2,724 students applied for admission to DTU’s BEng programmes, which is a slight decrease of three per cent compared to last year, when 2,795 applied.

Looking at the BSc and BEng programmes combined, the university received 592 more applications compared to last year.

DTU has an ambition to provide Europe’s best engineering education and was named the EU’s best technical university by EngiRank in 2023.