Duroflex Mattresses collaborates with Anil Kumble to talk about the importance of sleep, this exam season

Hyderabad: This exam season Duroflex mattresses is urging parents to pay more attention to the sleep habits of their children who are preparing for exams. The pressure to perform is extremely high on kids these days and very often sleep becomes the causality. The campaign #sleeptoperform, released on World Sleep Day, shines light on the exhaustion kids face while writing exams because of lack of sleep. Anil Kumble, Former Captain of the India cricket team has lent voice to the campaign.

“As a parent to two kids who are currently going through exam season , I totally understand how important it is to support our children during this stressful period. As a sportsperson and coach, I truly stand by the power of sleep to energise the mind and help focus. I urge all parents out there to understand the importance of sleep for the better performance and happiness of our children, this exam season. Let them rest before the test”, said Anil Kumble, Former Captain, Indian Cricket Team and parent.

Sacrificing sleep to study more and revise before exam day is far too common. While it is extremely important to study and revise, skipping out on vital sleep can be more detrimental than productive. Sleep helps our brains relax, helps with stress and anxiety management, helps us be more alert, recall things with clarity, in other words, perform much better during the exams.

Mr. Mathew Joseph, Director Marketing, Duroflex Mattresses said, “At Duroflex we are constantly researching on the importance of sleep and creating awareness about it. Today sleep is the first we thing we sacrifice to make more time in the day. Our internal research showed that, almost 80% of students turn up highly exhausted to write their exam because of not getting adequate sleep in the nights leading up to the exam. Through our Sleep to Perform campaign we want parents to help their kids prioritise sleep as part of exam preparation. Truly is it the easiest revision. We couldn’t think of a more credible voice than Anil Kumble to champion our cause.”

Duroflex is a pioneer in sleep technology solutions for over five decades. With the Sleep to Perform campaign, Duroflex aims to raise awareness about the importance of a good night’s sleep amongst adults and children alike, especially during this exam season.