E Cell @ IIT-Hyderabad to organize ‘E-Summit 2k20’ on 18th & 19th January

Hyderabad: Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad E Cell is organizing ‘E-Summit 2k20’ on 18th and 19th January 2020. One of the biggest Entrepreneurship Conclaves in India, ‘E-Summit 2k20’ aims to inspire and educate students inclined towards entrepreneurship and encourage early entrepreneurs to take and manage bigger risks.

The event is also aimed at providing more business world insights to the attendees from industry experts. It will be centered on the theme ‘Re-envisioning India 2020.’ A series of talks and panel discussions have been scheduled to delve deeper into the idea of innovation itself, and what a startup needs to flourish in the market.

The E-Cell had initiated an outreach that covered more than 1,00,000 people. Over 90 startups are expected to participate in this event.

Highlighting the unique aspects of this event, Mr. Dharmgya Sharma, Head – E Cell, IIT Hyderabad, Said “E-Summit 2k20 is unique in itself as this time we are going to re-envision India 2020 and talk about how it is different from what we imagined India of this decade to be 10 years back. Also, we will discuss about new decade technology and Startups who will penetrate deep into the Indian as well as foreign markets.”

As part of this Summit, a ‘Campus Ambassador’ was launched, providing students with an opportunity to be more closely associated with the Event than just another participant. A Campus Ambassador will be the first contact between E-summit and his/her college. One reason to consider becoming a campus ambassador is that of the experience it offers. In this role, students will have the opportunity to build their skills, get internship opportunities, an official certificate, win exciting gifts and event passes, the chance to organize events and a chance to meet the speakers and entrepreneurs.

Several competitions are being held as part of ‘E-Summit 2k20,’ including:

Ø E-Pic(Elevator-Pitch): A competition where the contestant brings forward a business model/idea and presents it before the panel of judges, in an attempt to get funding for it.

Prize: INR 25k + round tickets to Singapore for maximum 4 members(winner) + more benefits;

INR 15k + round tickets to Singapore for maximum 4 members (runner up) + more benefits

Ø Biz-Quiz: A quizzing competition with teams of 3, to check the knowledge of the business world and provide participants with some new insights, divided into prelims and final round.

Prize: INR 5k + round tickets to Singapore(winner) + more benefits;

INR 3k + round tickets to Singapore for 2 members(runner up) + more benefits;

Team Size: 3 members(max)

Ø Pitch-Showdown: A pitching competition, with a slight twist, distributed in 2 rounds. In the first round, all the teams would present their business model to solve the given problem statement, in front of judges and fellow participants. In the second round, all the teams would be questioned by the judges and other participants. The teams would be scored on their presentation and analysis and questioning from fellow participants.

Prize: INR 10k + round tickets to Singapore(winner)

INR 5k + round tickets too Singapore (runner up)

Team Size: 2-5 members

Ø Case Study: A competition where teams would have to analyse the business model of a real-world company, which would be intimated on spot. The teams have to find the flaws and problems the company might face or might be facing and present a viable solution for improvement.

Prize: INR 10k + round tickets to Singapore for up to 4 members(winner);

INR 5k + round tickets to Singapore for up to 2 members (runner up)

Team Size: 1-4 members

The following Panel discussions have also been scheduled during this event:

1. The Investor’s Perspective: The aim of the panel is to let budding startups know what investors are looking forward to in these start-ups and what they expect from them, and put forward their perspective with the panel of officials from Venture Capital firms across India.

2. The need for Secondary Sector: This panel aims towards providing insight into job sectors in India and discuss the possibility of shifting this trend in the future and need for jobs in the production and manufacturing industry to meet the needs.

3. Impact of Automation on jobs: This panel aims to discuss the trend of service-based Industry in India in the past 2 decades and the impact of automation on the job sector.

4. Investment in R&D: This panel aims to throw light over the urgent need for investment in R&D in India and how it can impact the growth of the economy, tech and job sector, among others.

5. Foreign Market Penetration: This panel aims to provide insight over globalization and India’s stand on it. What does India need to penetrate the foreign market and make more foreign exchange in terms of business? And where does it stands now?