E-Learning Platform Bridging the Gap Between Learning & Mastering Concepts

New Delhi: Selfstudy, an online learning platform for students, helps in bridging the gap between learning and mastering concepts. Founded in the year 2017, the platform has a powerful idea that any student can crack whatever exams they set their mind to. It provides a way to master concepts through explanatory and interactive animated videos, infographic flash charts, comprehensive question bank with detailed solutions and intuitive test series with personalized feedback. The Selfstudy platform is available on website and smartphones.

Selfstudy is designed to meet the individual needs of a diverse student audience starting from Class 8th to 12thand positively impact learning outcomes. The idea is to teach students by adjusting to their need and use technology to plug the gaps in the traditional learning structure thereby ensuring that each one of them gets a chance to succeed. Selfstudy’s adaptive learning platform is based on a competency driven model which emphasizes on the in-depth understanding concepts rather than quick completion, thus allowing each student to move at a pace that fits his/her learning style.

According to Mr. Persainjit Singh, CEO, Selfstudy, “Selfstudy puts air beneath the student’s wings making learning more thought-provoking, accessible, and enjoyable. The platform promotes the habit of self-study thus complementing the process of classroom learning in coaching institutes and schools by delivering a learning experience which is interactive, dynamic, and stimulating”.

Selftstudy has a Freemium-based subscription model, which provides free access to the complete platform for the first 7 days, post which the access to the platform gets limited to selective areas. Selfstudy’s products are priced betweenINR400/month and INR 1500/month. A 100% refund is also guaranteed to the users on the platform provided they complete the syllabus.

“Our products have been welcomed and accepted by both B2B (School/Institute) and B2C (students/parents) segments. Within a short span of just 7 months, Selfstudy has more than 70,000 organic users and close to 500 app installs every day with a booked revenue of INR 50 lakhs. As plans for future, we intend to raise a seed capital of USD 2 million to scale-up and create products for other segments”, adds Persainjit

Selfstudy’s existing products can cater to approximately 50 lakh students preparing for JEE and NEET exams. The goal is to reach out to a total of 2 million students and convert 20,000 students into paid subscribers post funding as also expand the sales team in 10 major cities in India in the next 12 months.

Selfstudy also empowers parents with necessary information to guide their kids and enables them to measure effort and not just outcomes. The platform has a feature to monitor kids time spent on the subject rather than wasting time on the mobile phone or the internet.

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