E-Portfolio Foreign Language Competition

The results of the traditional online competition “Portfolio in a foreign language” among students of humanitarian areas of training, organized by the leaders of the Resource Center for Modern Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages ​​I.Ye. Abramova and E.P. Shishmolina.
At the end of the course of studying a foreign language, students present their achievements in the form of a language portfolio, critically comprehending not only the learning process, but also its results. This helps you plan your future individual academic and professional development. The portfolio includes materials that will be useful in future professional activities (resume, cover and motivation letters, certificates, diplomas, etc.), as well as educational work (for example, essays, presentations and reports). The section “Self-assessment” presents the reflective reflections of students about the realized goals, emerging problems and possible ways to overcome them.

Almost 350 students from the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences, the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Institute of Economics and Law and the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology took part in the 2021 competition. 22 individual works and 2 group portfolios reached the final. According to the results of voting by the expert jury & (Head of the Institute of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy I.E. Abramova, Senior Lecturer A.V. Ananyina, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor E.P. Shishmolina, Senior Lecturer O. V. Vikulina, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor O. M. Sherekhova, Senior Lecturer L. N. Yusupova) 1st place was awarded to Ekaterina Nikulina (IIPSN, 2nd year, direction of study “International Relations”).

2nd place was shared by Olga Ryutkenen (IIPSN, 1st year, study area “History of International Relations”), Anastasia Khodchenkova (IIPSN, 2nd year, study area “International Relations”), Elena Titova (IEP, 1st year, study area “Economics”) ,

3rd place was taken by Natalia Andreeva (IIPSN, 1st year, direction of study “Sociology”), Viktor Palashov (IEP, 1st year, direction of study “Jurisprudence”), Sofia Vyakkereva (IIPSN, 1st year, direction of study “Political Science”).

The jury also awarded a victory in the special nomination “Harmony of logic and visual design” to Ivan Pavlov (IIPSN, 1st year, direction of study “Sociology”), in the nomination “Master of creating a presentable table of contents”, Elizaveta Nesterova (IEP, 1st year, direction of study “Economics “) and Natalia Virolainen (IIPSN, 1st year, direction of study” History of Russia “), in the nomination” Master of Self-Assessment “to Dmitry Tarasov (IIPSN, 2nd year, direction of study” International Relations “), in the nomination” Best Visual Design “to Alisa Vorontsova (IIPSN, 1 course, direction of study “Social work”).

Among the group portfolios, the winner was the work of the fourth-year students of the “International Relations” field of study, who presented their YouTube-channel “International Relations”.