Early Learning Village Pre-School Emerges As Preferred Choice For Parents in Gurgaon


Gurgaon: With its innovative and international pedagogy, Early Learning Village has emerged as the preferred choice for early schooling by parents for their wards with all of its seats filled in it’s first successful year of operation.

The school has witnessed enthusiasm and interest among parents even in its secondth operational year. Early learning village is grounded on a content-rich International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) which lays the foundation of knowledge and learning for children aged 1.5 to 4.5 years. Children embark on their journey towards learning in an environment that provides stimulating spaces and exciting experiences.

“We are still receiving many enquiries from parents for admissions. This has primarily been achieved through references and word of mouth. In a short span of time, we have been able to make a difference to the teaching environment in the city with our focus on experiential and play-based learning. With the freedom to explore, our children engage in hands-on activities, learn to think creatively and evolve to develop skills like problem solving and critical thinking. When children enter our gates with enthusiasm, it only endorses our efforts and innovative teaching-style. We hope to empower and equip each child with the excitement, curiosity and love for learning for life!” says Mrs Priya Saxena, co-founder and Principal at Early Learning Village.

“At Early Learning Village, we focus on quality and learning for both our children and teachers. We ensure the best of learning environment and material is provided to our students. We also commit to providing sufficient teaching training and resources to all our teachers. We are happy that both our students and teachers are in harmony with each other and are able to make so much more out of their association and friendship”, says Mr. Pradeep Jolly, Co-Founder, Early Learning Village.

Teaching at Early learning village is a very holistic process where not only the child’s cognitive well-being is taken care of, but the child’s emotional, social, physical and spiritual growth and needs are also taken care of. A child’s day at Early Learning Village has a balance of open-ended activities, exploration, child-initiated play supported by adults, focused-learning with adult guiding the learning through playful and rich experiential activities. Through role-play, messy play, water and sand activities, construction and small world children at ELV engage, explore and learn. We value outdoor learning as much as indoor learning and invest a lot of time and planning to provide children with unique, safe, rich and dynamic experiences in our natural outdoor play spaces. Our outdoor activities provide children with a range of engaging and challenging opportunities to explore freely, develop physically, take risks, solve problems and grow in confidence while playing independently and collaboratively.

ELV outdoors offer children opportunities to play in the treehouse, vegetable farm, musical garden, sensory path and sensory fountain. All these activities are on the lines of international practices as the Co – founders of the school-Ms Priya Saxena, Ms Priya Dhawan and Ms Heba Zaidi Khosla, have taught at The British School and other global schools.

At Early Learning Village, ELV teachers work in small groups, with each teacher responsible for a group size of 4 – 6 children. Small group work increases the attention and focus the child receives. A unique feature of the school is that it encourages one of the parent of the child to be present during the first few days of transition.

The teachers at ELV are qualified teachers, who go through initial hand holding and shadow sessions and then work daily to master their expertise. This is important as it helps them align their knowledge and skills with the international curricula that this school offers. They make the children adept in storytelling, rhymes, phonics, coloring, art and crafts, painting, drawing, dance, music, singing, drama, theatre. There are specific classes for gardening, pottery, no flame cooking, etc.

ELV has partnered with ‘Music Together’ for music sessions, Art of Sport for physical development session and ‘My dance academy’ for dance session for their children. Field trips and story are a regular feature at ELV. ELV is more than just a workplace, it is a community of like-minded people who have come together for a common purpose – “children first”.

ELV resonates compassion, love and laugher among all its stakeholders. It is a vibrant place for learning, for one and for all.