Ebizon Plans To Hire Over 100 IT Professionals By 2022

New Delhi: Noida-based MarTech Agency, Ebizon plans to hire over 100 IT professionals by the end of next year. Started off as a Technology company in 2005, Ebizon has a sizable number of popular software to its name in a decade-long span.


Only last year, the company rebranded itself as a full-fledged MarTech agency, breezing into Digital Marketing space introducing end-to-end marketing solutions to its clients. In the present time, Ebizon caters to clients across verticals including E-commerce, Retail, Manufacturing, & others.

Rajat Negi, COO, Ebizon, sounded upbeat announcing the new development.

“Our projections fall flat. COVID got the better of us in defining the annual targets which were relatively modest for this year. Nonetheless, we’re happy to knock them off before the last quarter. “

“I am delighted to make a fresh requisition to rope in another 100 people including marketing specialists by the end of next year.”

Revisiting excerpts from staff meetings in 2019, he said, “Dehradun was always our next base after Noida, more so as it suited our long-term goals. While we spread out just at the brink of pandemic, the last 18 months or so have truly made us believe that it was the right decision.”

Rajat went on to say, “The idea of WFH fascinated us well before it started, I mean “Work From the Hills.” Not because it sounded cool, but because it offered benefits manifold. Added flexibility, employee health, and shorter commute times to name a few.”

Rajat concluded it by saying, “Not only has it helped us tap talent, employees get to stay with their families resulting in better work-life balance. ”

While Dehradun seems to be Ebizon’s current focal point, Noida continues to be their major delivery hub for product & IT services.

As the day progresses, more companies are expected to announce opportunities in tier-II cities, thereby opening up seemingly airtight workspace for pandemic-struck professionals.