Eco-friendly Ganesha celebration at IIT Bombay


Mumbai: An innovative way of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi was observed at IIT, Bombay where the students established clay idols of Lord Ganesha instead of the conventional PoP idols in nine hostels of the Institute. These idols contained in them plant seeds so that instead of immersing them into the water, can be mixed with land, thus spreading out the message of starting a new life.

The idols were made at a workshop conducted at the Staff Club, IIT Bombay where 100+ volunteers, including both the NSS (National Service Scheme) students and the faculty, under the supervision of Mrs. Chaitali Gupta. Over the past few years, this has created a positive change in the Institute regarding the use of Eco friendly Ganesha idols and thus a sense of doing our bit in conserving nature. The awareness initiative was undertaken by the Sustainable Social Development (SSD) department of the National Service Scheme, IIT Bombay, which has been trying to promote the induction of sustainable ways in lifestyle of an individual.