Eco-friendly postcard as a gift to PetrSU

Lada Mushkaterova, a student of the Institute of Philology, has prepared an eco-friendly greeting card of PetrSU for the New Year.
A freshman, not indifferent to the future of the planet, creates paintings on watercolor sheets, made by herself using the recycling method from the accumulated receipts.

As a congratulation for our readers, Lada created a postcard on the New Year theme:

I chose a deer as the hero of the New Year’s card, because I associate this animal with the winter holidays, and the patterns, like on a Christmas sweater, add comfort to the picture.

Upcoming holidays! Let the fairy tale penetrate your life, at least during the pre-New Year’s bustle!

The student congratulated the readers and shared her plans for the upcoming New Year holidays:

I plan to spend the first days in 2021 with my family and friends, and devote the remaining days to preparing for my first session. Good luck to all students on their exams!

Now more than ever, the wish for health is relevant, so I wish all healthy people not to get sick, and all those who are sick – to recover as soon as possible / Happy New Year!