EcoBiz Club of IIMS organises Leadership Summit

Shillong: IIM Shillong has turned its attention towards nurturing the young students in Shillong in a right direction. ECoBiZ club of IIM Shillong under the faculty co-ordinatorship of Prof Natalie West Kharkongor along with Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) conducted a pioneer leadership workshop for the local students of Shillong from various colleges and schools. The one day workshop, supported by Lions Club of Shillong mainly focused on bringing out leaders in Shillong in the field of environment. The workshop was inaugurated by Prof Amitabha De, Director of IIM Shillong, Mr. Arun Das, Lions Club President and Mr. Arun Krishnamurthy, EFI president. Prof. De highlighted the importance of this initiative and stressed upon how development should go hand in hand with conservation. He told the students that conservation should begin from each individual.
During the course of the workshop, various engaging activities were carried out to hone the leadership qualities of students. Towards the end of the session, a Shillong chapter of EFI was launched which will be driven by the students. This chapter will work on projects related to environmental conservation in Shillong like lake restoration, solid waste management etc. The first program of this chapter is most likely to commence on January 2014. The students of this workshop went back with passion to do something for environmental upgradation