Ecole Polytechnique: Eurograhics recognizes Marie-Paule Cani with the Distinguished Career Award

Eurographics, the European professional Computer Graphics association, awarded a prize to Marie-Paule Cani, Professor at École polytechnique and researcher at the Computer Science Laboratory.

Marie-Paule Cani is an expert in Computer Graphics, which aims at developing tools to create images, animations and even virtual worlds by computer. She has just been recognized with the 2022 Distinguished Career Award, given every two years by the European association of computer graphics Eurographics. This award honours her pioneering work in animation and shape modeling, particularly thanks to implicit surfaces. At the Computer Science Laboratory at l’X (LIX*), Marie-Paule Cani heads the Modeling, Simulation and Learning group. She is also head of the Computer Science Department at École Polytechnique.

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