Ecole Polytechnique: Jean-Jacques Marigo and Patrick Huerre awarded by Euromech

Euromech, the European Mechanics Society, has just awarded its two most important prizes to two researchers who were professors in the mechanics department at the Ecole Polytechnique. Patrick Huerre, from the Hydrodynamics Laboratory (LadHyX*) receives the Fluid Mechanics Prize “for his outstanding achievements in the field of hydrodynamic instabilities and his major contributions to the European mechanics community.

For his part, Jean-Jacques Marigo, from the Solid Mechanics Laboratory (LMS*), was awarded the Solid Mechanics Prize “for his outstanding contributions to the rational analysis of deformable solids and structures, in particular to the variational modeling of dissipative evolution, resulting in novel and powerful approaches to damage and fracture.”

For Christophe Josserand, president of the mechanics department at l’X: “These prestigious prizes reward the entire career of Patrick Huerre and Jean-Jacques Marigo, both of whom have also contributed greatly to the teaching of mechanics at École Polytechnique.”

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