Ed-tech start-up TagHive collaborates with the Government of Madhya Pradesh to make their schools smart across 52 districts

Mumbai : Samsung Ventures backed ed-tech start-up TagHive Inc., today announced that it has received a letter of confirmation from the Government of Madhya Pradesh to deploy ‘Class Saathi’ to a network of 2080 schools in the state. Class Saathi is an AI powered app by TagHive which, along with its clicker, is an affordable classroom solution that engages every student even in remote schools that have no infrastructure such as Internet, computers and electricity. Class Saathi also provides an app for parents and an app for administrators to monitor progress and take appropriate action. TagHive recently closed its Pre-Series A Funding round by Mr. Joon Hyon from South Korea, currently valuing the start-up at USD 10 million.

The Education Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri. Prabhuram Chaudhary, along with the Principal Secretary of Madhya Pradesh, Mrs. Rashmi Arun Shami and thier delegation had personally visited South Korea last year. The objective was to benchmark best practices in Korean schools. And, they witnessed successful implementation TagHive’s clicker solution across schools of South Korea. The visit convinced the team of Indian delegates to kick-start Class Saathi’s pilot on 14th November, 2019 (Children’s Day).

Speaking about this collaboration, Mr. Pankaj Agarwal, Founder & CEO of TagHive said, “TagHive entered the Indian market in 2019 and has been looking to strengthen and rapidly grow the presence of ‘Class Saathi’ – world’s first patent pending clicker solution to work on a mobile phone app. We did a successful pilot with government schools in 2 districts of Madhya Pradesh last year. Over 4,800 questions were solved by students during the pilot test. The government officials could see the learning outcomes of the students in real time and take corrective action almost immediately. With this collaboration, Class Saathi would be deployed in over 2000 schools catering to over 100,000 students and 4000 teachers. Class Saathi as a solution is ideal for government schools because it is low-cost and does not need schools to have any additional infrastructure, besides the teacher’s smartphone.”

Mr. Lokesh Kumar Jatav, Commissioner of School Education Department in Madhya Pradesh said, “We believe Class Saathi will revolutionize the K-12 education system of the state. On the basis of the pilot done in our schools, the results are extremely encouraging as it helps to increase student engagement in the classrooms and learning outcomes of the students. To begin with, we are now looking at installing the Class Saathi clickers in 40 schools in each of the 52 districts. We are also looking for a suitable CSR partner to help us accelerate the deployment of Class Saathi across the state.”

Speaking on the future plans of TagHive, Mr. Pankaj Agarwal further added, “Not only does Class Saathi improve the learning capabilities of students, it also helps identify students that need help in specific subjects. The interactive quiz solution of the app enables teachers to understand the strength and weaknesses of the students. Post Madhya Pradesh, we are also looking at expanding to other states. Our mission is to help students and teachers achieve more on a daily basis and provide Class Saathi to all 250 million students in India.”