EdCIL India will be a 1500 crore company in 2019, hopes Honorable Minister of State for HRD, Dr. Satya Pal Singh

New Delhi: EdCIL celebrated 37 years of Excellence with Minister of State for HRD (Higher education), Dr. Satya Pal Singh gracing the occasion.

Mr. Diptiman Das , Chairman & Managing Director – EdCIL (India) in his welcoming speech expressed gratitude to the guests for the commendable support and dedication to EdCIL. He acknowledged the major ongoing transformation of the Indian education sector and initiatives taken by Ministry of HRD.

He further added, ‘The company has a robust order book of approximately 500 crore. The education sector has huge potential and EdCil is ready to grab those. The entire process of the company has been revamped to take the company to a 1500 crore NDP BY 2023. A subsidiary company, EdCIL Oversees limited is proposed which will sustainably execute the key deliverables for Study in India project.

Dr. Satya Pal Singh emphasized on the institution’s spirited endeavor to serve the education sector. He added, ‘Education is a big industry and a consultation on holistic development of education is necessary to grow globally. It is the only consultant of Education under Government of India and delivering services on fields of physical education to spiritual education will make it standout globally. If EdCIL realizes these core competence of India and caters dedicatedly, it is sure to be a 1500 crore company by next year.’

A new logo of EdCIL was also launched by the Minister of State for HRD which is a definitive statement of vision, mission and transformation of the organization. The alphabet E is subtle and encompasses within it the core value of Excellence, Ethics & Expansion in Education with the right mix of scale and innovation. The DNA of this organization is to bring in all the right factors of experience and expertise to bring about transformational impact in the education sector and its new logo reflects the same sentiment and heritage of EdCIL.

The rebranding is a milestone as it is significant and a more fitting definition of the EdCIL. The logo looks at moving beyond boundaries and is looking beyond at global and product paradigms and benchmarks.