Edify unveils 3C curriculum books for schools


Mumbai: Edify Education, leading preschool and K-12 chain, is the flagship institute of the DRS Group of Companies. Edify, has unveiled books for all curriculums in alignment with new education policy by Government of India, under 3C curriculum, which has held the honour by World Book of Records as being the first to devise this innovative curriculum which helps students to learn things practically by putting their knowledge to use along with critical and creative thinking to solve problems.

3C curriculum denotes Character, Competence and Content with a vision of creating progressive thinking individuals who will bring in much needed positive change in the society.

The Edify Education specializes in research into the curriculum design, pedagogy, and resource and infrastructure development in addition to offering comprehensive teacher training. They also offer a range of diverse educational support services including publication, training for administrations and leadership teams, amongst others.

The unique curriculum design is based on progressive thinking which has led to progressive teaching methods and has brought about a tremendous change in how our students learn. The inquiry based approach encourages students to take responsibility and ownership of their learning.

The books emphasizes on intellectual, personal, emotional and social growth, by imparting major streams like languages, humanities, sciences, mathematics and liberal arts.

“We are pleased to offer well designed and evolved 3C curriculum books to other schools for imparting world class education in their schools and can also be used as reference books for teachers. We have developed this curriculum and upgraded over a period of two decades and have been adopted at all our preschools and K-12 Schools for imparting best education for our students. We invite schools and teachers to take advantage of this curriculum by buying these books.” commented Mr. Anjani Kumar Agarwal, Director, Edify Education.