EdpowerU together with Cancer Awakens concluded the highly sought after Hero’s Journey

New Delhi: EdpowerU together with Cancer Awakens concluded the highly sought after Hero’s Journey- Transforming Yourself and Others towards Future Success Masterclass recently at The Club, Mumbai. The workshop was designed for The Association of Mumbai Coaches (AMC) as a personal and leadership development framework that draws inspiration from Joseph Campbell’s famously named work to guide individuals and organizations on a path to success.

A total of 40+ participants enrolled in the program that included senior leaders from across industry, experienced executive coaches and seasoned HR professionals looking to implement the tool in their own lives, for their clients or the organizations that they service.

The program provided a defining framework by which participants could navigate challenges, manage their journey and carve a meaningful pathway as they looked to take themselves to the next level of growth and development.

The session was delivered by Shubika Bilkha and Vijay C Bhatt, who are experts in the field of coaching, leadership development and training. The delivery of the session was in the Socratic style and followed a coaching framework to ensure that each participant experienced their own transformative journey.

The session included outlining the hero myth framework, an individual transformation module, the implementation of the framework for individuals, groups and organizations and finally a coaching activity as participants looked to transform themselves during the session.

“Writing the hero narratives can help identify the roadblocks in life, and break out from the scripts which we, as human beings, tend to run and get stuck in. This lively and invigorating workshop gave participants a powerful framework to help them script their own personal stories, as well as a valuable tool to coach others”

– Heather Gupta, Group HR Director MullenLowe Lintas and President, AMC

“The Hero’s Journey framework is a powerful tool in leadership development that can be successfully implemented by individuals, entrepreneurs and leaders looking to challenge themselves, make a change, prevent a plateau, navigate a difficult situation or successfully plan for a new launch/a new business/vertical. This workshop that saw a variety of participants from across industries was hugely satisfying as we saw each leader/individual effectively apply this framework to their own professional and personal journey.”

– Shubika Bilkha, Session Facilitator and Partner, EdpowerU

“The Hero’s Journey is a powerful and timeless framework that has many applications in personal growth, leadership development and even societal change. It was a very satisfying experience to introduce this concept to over 40 eager executive and life coaches, who are all thought leaders and change-makers in their own right.”