EdTech Brand- RoboGenius rebrands itself with new look

New Delhi: Having been around for 15 years, RoboGenius has a well established reputation in the field of teaching robotics and A.I. for kids. For so many years, they have been working towards giving young minds the hands on experience they need, to build a holistic knowledge designed to give them an advantage in their future.

But, in 2020, the world changed! Everything shifted online, and with that, as did RoboGenius. The classes, the interaction, all that was slowly but surely, shifted to a virtual world.

Having spent so much time focussing on in-person interactions, these virtual interactions gave RoboGenius a chance to pause and reflect on the journey thus far. Like everything else that moves with time, style and technology changes and so does a brand journey. It is imperative to stay relevant in times like these, especially when the discovery and journey begins with the online look at feel.

Keeping this in mind, RoboGenius unveiled a completely new look, revealing the brand new visual language and design. While the logo remains close to the original, the uplift and tagline has added so much more character to the brand.

Designed for the bright and innovative young geniuses, the colours as well as the illustrations are vibrant and lively. Reinforcing elements that are relevant in coding, A.I. and robotics, the design is intuitively smart. The website uses shades of blue with accents in a range of colours, all carefully thought out to induce a sense of calm as well as call upon the intellect. The accent shapes also consider common mathematical and coding symbols, reinforcing the core messaging of the brand in a fun way!

However, the most exciting new addition is the introduction of the brand mascot, Bono! A young elephant who is undertaking the same journey as the children, he guides and helps the geniuses find their potential. Reinforcing the intelligence of the mammals, Bono is reminiscent of the Indian God Ganesha, the friend of intellect and remover of obstacles.

Sudhanshu Sharma, Founder and CEO of RoboGenius says,” We thought about it a lot and while we keep upgrading our courses and teachings, we thought it’s a right time to refresh our brand with the changing times. I am happy that it has been received very well and we have received a lot of compliments in a short period of time.”

The brand uplift is not limited to the fresh look of the website. It has a great offline look and feel too! What was once the RoboGenius Academy has now been rechristened Innovation Studio, after all, this is where all the magic happens. With two studios, one in Gurugram and one in Chandigarh, RoboGenius is ready to give young minds the ability to achieve their genius. Even though during the global pandemic the studios had to close their doors to ensure the safety of the children, the focus then shifted to the online training which turned out to be a great success.

Considering the prevailing scenario as well as the insistence of the parents who have seen RoboGenius at work, the team decided that with all the necessary precautions in place, it would be the right time to re-open the doors to Innovation Studio. So as of 15th February 2021, the Innovation Studio is officially back in action!



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