Edtech organization SkillEnable emerges as a boon for aspiring Data Scientists

New Delhi: To bridge the demand-supply gap of industry-ready candidates with relevant skill sets in the Data Science industry, SkillEnable, an employability-based edtech company, has adopted a uniquely helpful fee payment structure that helps the students to pursue the course they’re interested in, without worrying about paying the fees upfront.


SkillEnable charges the fees via ISA (Income Sharing Agreement), which provides a solution to the huge upfront fee risk/stress that the students usually face. The organization believes in investing in its candidates and charges them only if they get placed after completing the course. The fee is charged as a certain percentage of the salary only after the candidates get placed and start earning a sustainable amount of income.

According to MarketsAndMarkets.com, the Data Science market, which stood at USD 37.9 billion in 2019 is estimated to reach USD 140.9 billion by 2024, at a robust CAGR of 30.0%. Given how a wave of digitization is sweeping across the entire world, data has become one of the most valuable assets for businesses and its value will only continue to grow in the future. The job market is, therefore, rife with opportunities for Data Scientists, but the problem India is facing at the moment is that the candidates aren’t skilled enough. It is precisely the issue that SkillEnable seeks to address.

The organization has its head office in Kolkata and branch offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai. Under the leadership of its founder Nirpeksh Kumbhat, the SkillEnable is on its way to establishing a pan-India footprint.

Besides ISA, SkillEnable boasts some other extraordinary features that have been put in place to find, select, and nurture the best Data Scientists in the country.

For instance, the organization offers tailor-made courses structured to meet specific industry needs, and unlike many institutions that focus on providing a degree only, SkillEnable focuses on enhancing the employability of the candidates to ensure that they hit the ground running when they enter the job market.

The students who join the program are facilitated with a job-relevant skill set training, networking skills, interview practice, and other employability enhancing tools. The organization also has a large pool of placement companies that want to hire candidates from it, given the elite 2% selection rate of the candidates into the program.

SkillEnable provides 100% live online courses, which facilitate instant doubt resolution, which is not possible in pre-recorded classes. It adopts a student-centric approach where learning is personalized, engaging, competency-based, and not restricted to the classroom.

Talking about the organization’s journey so far, Mr. Nirpeksh Kumbhat, Founder and CEO, SkillEnable said, “When I studied the state of the Indian higher education sector, I noticed that there was a massive gap in what was being taught in colleges and what the employers were looking for. Moreover, there was a severe lack of awareness among the students. They didn’t know of the opportunities out there. They didn’t know which course or stream they should opt for. Even if they did, they faced limited access to quality education, and financial issues held them back from progressing in their career. So in a nutshell, even though the job openings were available, the candidates were not skilled enough to fill those positions. Thus, in a bid to address all these issues collectively and give our young generation a better future, SkillEnable was born.”

“So far, we’re only providing Data Science courses but we’ll soon be incorporating more courses in its portfolio, and expanding to different domains which have asymmetric demand and supply,” he further added.

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