EdTech Start-up Admission24 Launches Online Exam Solution with Facial Recognition Feature

New Delhi: In order to assist educational institutions to conduct rigorous examinations during the COVID-19 pandemic, an EdTech start-up Admission24 announced the launch of its Online Exam Solution with Facial Recognition Feature in order to authenticate learners for attending an online exam. The solution launched by the company is compatible with both IOS and Android.

With this launch, Admission24 intends to provide highly advanced tech-enabled proctoring solutions to the educational institutions acknowledging all the mitigating problems like lack of bandwidth or Internet connectivity, avoiding cheating, and more.

Admission24’s exam solution watches for the candidate’s movements, and remotely screens through any desk for checking suspicious activity such as if they’re looking elsewhere or whether they are interacting with someone else, and raises a red flag if another face shows in the video. The solution also locks the test of the candidate if the screen is changed, closed or minimized more than three times and also restricts the Multiple and simultaneous logins from the same user. The solution ensures screen recording even with restricted connectivity.

The system uses a mix of AI and human proctors to reduce cheating as much as possible.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Abhinav Sekhri, CEO & Founder, Admission24 stated

“Until the novel coronavirus pandemic threw the entire world into quarantine early this year, all the exams required scheduling a test at live testing centers where proctors can physically monitor the test session to prevent cheating. But with the future unclear in the wake of this new disease, many educational institutions are beginning to look for remote proctoring options they can trust to deliver exams online.”

“Even though proctored online testing has been available for more than a decade, the greatest challenge to delivering critical exams online have been Identity Theft and Cheating. That’s why we have developed a solution with security features like facial recognition to ensure that there is no identity theft and also to prevent the possibility of cheating by looking at adjacent PCs or reading from an external paper.”

Admission24 exam solutions also provide an array of features to students and teachers such as Multilingual question paper, Guiding process for instructions, photo capturing, importing questions and answers from the word to e-pub, students can attach pdf, jpg with their answers, Latex compatibility for mathematical calculations, 4 level hierarchy from subject to topic, Invigilation provision which provides real-time interaction with candidates through chatbox and candidate blocking feature.

The company has digitally transformed more than 50,000 education institutions. Amid the COVID19 outbreak, the company has onboarded more than 1,60,000 students and has accelerated the adoption of Virtual Classes in more than 250 educational institutions across nooks and corners of the country.

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