EdTech startup Bada Business ties up with educational institutions across India to train students, improve job-readiness

New Delhi,: EdTech startup Bada Business has entered into a series of partnerships with educational institutions across India to offer management and business skill training to students and make them more job-ready as they step into the industry. The initiative is aimed at improving employability of Indian students by bridging the industry-academia gap in education.

Bada Business is one of India’s fastest growing EdTech start-ups that offers a series of online business training courses ranging from 2 months to 2 years to students, entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs. The startup works aggressively with small and micro enterprises to help them improve their business skills and strategies.

With lack of employability of Indian students being a prominent industry concern, Bada Business has launched this major initiative to support traditional pedagogy and bolster it with comprehensive and crisp business skill training programs.

“Lack of job-readiness among Indian students is a major concern flagged by industry time and again. Companies who hire talented freshers from different educational institutions have to invest heavily in time and money to train them and equip them for the industry needs. We believe this can be done at the educational level by building deeper industry academia ties and devising practical and skill oriented workshops and lessons for students. At Bada Business, we specialise in offering business skill training not only through specialised content but also through our ‘Partner Professors’ who are top industry leaders in their own domains. Our offerings include lectures by prominent business leaders that help students and entrepreneurs learn valuable industry lessons,” said Dr Vivek Bindra, Founder and CEO, Bada Business.

The India Skills report 2019-20 concluded that that state of employability remained unimpressive in India with just about 46% of participants found to be job-ready. Experts have attributed different reasons for this gap including outdated curriculum, quality of teaching, lack of practical exposure and absence of industry involvement in shaping up curriculum.

Since industry needs students with sharper skills, more practical knowledge and wider outlook, it is pertinent for educational institutions to nurture deeper ties with the industry and bring industry leaders on board as ‘mentors’ for students.

Bada Business has so far tied up with 8 educational institutions in multiple cities and is looking to partner with more colleges and Universities in its endeavour to address the gaps. The institutions include engineering colleges, management colleges and Commerce institutes.

“We have already started working with some educational institutions particularly in tier II towns and cities. Through our online courses we educate students about job skills, and practical business and management lessons. Apart from business skills, we also make them abreast with key digital skills, presentation skills and social media outreach skills. We hope to expand our association and partner with a wider range of educational institutions in the coming years,” added Dr Bindra.

Bada Business has currently partnered with Genesis Business School, Pune; S P Academy, Bhopal; Gulzar Group of Institutes, Khana; ICS Institute, Haryana; Kalinga College of Commerce, Bhubaneswar; GLA University, Mathura; Vision Automobia, Nagpur; K C College, Thane; SAGE University, Bhopal and Surya dutta Group of Institutes, Pune.


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