EdTech startup Bada Business’s YouTube Channel Crosses 1 Billion Views

New Delhi: Adding yet another feather to its illustrious cap, one of India’s fastest growing EdTech start-ups Bada Business has crossed 1 billion views on its YouTube channel that is highly popular among India’s large MSME community for its entrepreneurial lessons and motivational content. Bada Business views are more than any entrepreneur channels

Bada Business’ YouTube channel is the world’s most subscribed YouTube channel with 16 million subscribers and an average video hit rate of 2 million. The channel features a daily dose of motivational and business education based lessons delivered by the company’s Founder & CEO Dr Vivek Bindra to help Indian entrepreneurs overcome their business challenges.

The overwhelming popularity of the channel particularly among India’s small entrepreneurs can be attributed to the fact that it is delivered in vernacular language and easy to consume terminology that helps make difficult business concepts extremely easy to understand for the last common denominator.

Covering lessons on an entire gamut of business-related subjects, new age sales and marketing skills, digital transformation as well as inspirational success stories, the YouTube videos by Dr Bindra is widely consumed and shared on social media platforms.

“Breaking into the 1 billion views bracket gives us an immense sense of achievement. Our YouTube channel has been one of the key features of our outreach to the entrepreneurial community of India. Our daily videos featuring crucial business lessons have been consumed by millions of people including entrepreneurs and wantepreneurs looking to transform their businesses. In a country where entrepreneurs often feel a lack of mentorship and educational support, our channel has been instrumental in providing guidance and coaching to the MSME community,” said Dr Vivek Bindra, Founder & CEO, Bada Business.

Founded by ace motivational speaker and business coach Dr Vivek Bindra in 2019, Bada Business is an EdTech platform that offers a series of digital business learning courses for small entrepreneurs and wantepreneurs. Notably, the company has also crossed Rs 100 crore in revenue this fiscal, registering an almost 100% growth year on year.

Bada Business has single-handedly revolutionized the paradigm of business training for small entrepreneurs in India. Its courses and educational programmes have helped democratize the availability of business management education, taking it to millions of people at the grassroots.

“At Bada Business, our objective has been to take business education to the last common denominator in India who cannot afford conventional management education and unleash an entrepreneurial revolution in the process. We are happy that in addition to our online courses and programmes, our educational content delivered free of cost through our YouTube channel has helped inspire many people to push their limits and achieve entrepreneurial success,” added Dr Bindra.

The YouTube channel has seen surging popularity particularly in the aftermath of the COVID 19 pandemic that created a series of survival challenges for small entrepreneurs in India, including the need for achieving a digital transition and adapting businesses to the new normal.



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