Edtech startup ForeignAdmits to hire 100 employees

New Delhi: ForeignAdmits, an Study abroad consulting company based out of Bengaluru, exclusively employs the finest of the best. We want to hear from you if you envision yourself blossoming in the field of overseas counseling and excelling at what you do! We are constantly open to new ideas and collaborations. Hence, we are creating 100 new jobs in the next three months.

ForeignAdmits is a group of IIT and Top International Colleges alumni-led education enthusiasts on a mission to provide excellent overseas education to the public. ForeignAdmits is dedicated to the “Student First” philosophy, providing tailored, high-quality, trustworthy mentorship and admission aid to study abroad applicants. We have over 15 years of experience in consulting, technology, counseling, marketing, and sales. As a result, we seek to provide every student with access to global and high-quality education straightforwardly.

Our core staff of 60 people has studied abroad on scholarships from renowned universities and colleges, so we truly understand the pain, danger, and benefits that every student who wishes to study overseas faces. Though it is a relatively small workforce, it will be a fantastic chance for anyone looking to work in a corporate setting with training and support, with an opportunity to learn and focus on long-term values with short-term growth. However, do not focus on 5-10K increments.

With the aim of an end-to-end study abroad assistance platform, hiring will take place in various fields, providing opportunities for newcomers and seasoned experts from all over India. However, offices are in Delhi, Gurugram, Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kerala, Kolkata, Chandigarh, and Hyderabad.

In this time of limited work chances, ForeignAdmits is trying to expand its staff base as part of its strategic growth, which will aid in the brand’s ambition of helping students from all over the country.

The designations open for hiring include:

Study Abroad Counselors with five to ten years of experience.

Software Developers with two to three years of experience.

Operation Executives and Growth Executives with zero to three years of experience.

Digital Marketers with four to five years of experience.

Applicants will get selected based on their professional behavior and attitude, and of course, the skills that could be beneficial. A deep understanding of job duties, a hard working mindset, a flexible working environment, a devoted and analytical work style are all required to join ForeignAdmits.

The current employees started as interns and now are leading multiple verticals. There is an ESOPs pool for exceptional people. They are also working on something new and planning to develop a new product. Working at ForeignAdmits will allow you to explore your core capabilities, create new ones, and get cross-functional and cross-vertical experience while working with a varied and growth-minded team from various regions.

ForeignAdmits aims to be the best student-centric platform with cutting-edge AI-based tools and procedures and meaningful experience mentorship, providing you with a one-stop-shop for all of your “study abroad” requirements. We provide everything from expert consultation to intensive coaching. We want to learn about your goals to offer you the best options and make it easy for you to decide. Each student is equally important, and we feel our attentive service and research distinguish us.


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