EduBridge launches ‘Learn and Earn’ and ‘Secure Your Salary’ to create a worry-free, financial ecosystem for Learners

Mumbai  – On the occasion of 75 years of Independence, EduBridge announces the launch of 2 new offerings that will give its learners #IndependenceFromDependence.


Learn & Earn is a unique payment offering by EduBridge where a learner enrols for the course of their interest and avails the interest-free, payment plan for upto 15 months. Now you might think there is nothing unique about this but the big difference here is EduBridge not only helps learners choose the right course and helps them find the perfect, interest-free payment plan, but also provides an Assured Scholarship of Rs.24,000/-* with the 110% Money Back, Job Guarantee linked courses. The learner can focus on mastering the latest and in-demand industry skills and learning them all, with curriculum co-created by top recruiters and finding a job at the end of their course, while EduBridge takes care of the rest!

It’s a win-win for every learner from every segment of the society who has ever looked at online courses and stepped down due to financial issues or challenges. There are many other benefits attached to this offering apart from assured scholarship like interest free EMI facility, lifetime access to course contents, free professional resume builder and resume correction services, free sessions with industry experts, Secure Your Salary With Digit Group Total Protect policy offering and so much more.

The courses that come under the 110% Money Back, Job Guarantee umbrella include:

· Advanced Certification Course in Data Analytics

· Advanced Certification Course in Java Full Stack Development

· Advanced Certification Program in Software Testing

· Advanced Certification Program in Investment Banking Operations

Another offering launched by EduBridge also comes in to the rescue of an EduBridge learner when in financial need. The Secure Your Salary With Digit Group’s Total Protect policy offering!


How to apply: Visit, select the course of your interest and click on the Learn & Earn payment option during checkout!


After witnessing lay-offs during the course of the pandemic, EduBridge devised an innovative job loss insurance offering where as an EduBridge Learner will be insured in an event of an unfortunate, loss of job / employment. This offering is available as part of the package on all courses offered through EduBridge. Upon enrolling for the course of their interest, they will be given the choice, of signing up for Secure Your Salary offering as well. Upon the application of certain enlisted conditions by the insurance partner, the learners will be able to avail of a salary of upto ₹1.2 lakhs* in an event of a job loss. This will give enough safety net for the individual to help him/her through the phase and not rush into joining the first job they find in a panic!


These offerings were launched in the effort of creating a useful ecosystem for learners and professionals and encouraging them to enroll for the best in class, certification programs by EduBridge and also as promoted by the Government of India, with focus on the development of one’s career path. The ‘Learn and Earn’ offering encourages learners to focus on training and learning without having to worry about finances and the ‘Secure Your Salary With Digit Group’s Total Protect Policy’ ensures that the learner or the professional are able to manage their monthly expenses, till they find another job.


How to apply: Visit, select the course of your interest and select the Secure My Salary with Digit Group Total Protect Policy as an Add-on to your course before checkout!


Mr. Girish Singhania, CEO – EduBridge, adds, “Skill development is quintessential to the nation’s progress. Over the last 12 years, we have seen a number of roadblocks that learners face, before enrolling for a skilling initiative and we wanted to do our bit to make the learning journeys more accessible and easier for them. These 2 new offerings are a small initiative that we have made to help learners surpass such challenges, and focus on creating a sustainable workforce, while they emerge as thought leaders, encouraging the upcoming generation to follow suite.”