Education is the Key for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment, avers experts at Amity University

New Delhi: An e-Colloquium on ‘Gender Equality and Women Empowerment’ was organized by Amity Centre for Gender Justice & Child Rights, Amity Law School, Noida with a focus on Transformation in Global Justice and Reclaiming for Gender and Development. Subject experts from various fields shared their views and collectively stressed on the need for educating women about their rights to promote gender equality and women empowerment.

Ms. Barnika Basak, Advocate, Supreme Court of India averred that women don’t need to be empowered but need more awareness and education. She added that gender-based violence is a major consequence of gender inequality across the world and stressed on empowering women to fight for change. Ms. Basak stated that law alone cannot bring the change and there is a need for collective effort. She called for a need to make women aware of the various rights & laws in their respective countries for their empowerment and protection. She further averred that educating the younger generation to bring about a change was the need of the hour. Ms. Basak stressed on the need for every citizen to behave responsibly and raise their collective voice against violence and crimes against women & not victimize them. She called upon women to come forward and object to the crimes being committed against them but also stay away from misusing these laws.

Prof. (Dr.) Yasmeen Ashai, Principal, Women’s College, Srinagar shared that it isn’t about making women strong but focus should be on changing the outlook through which women are perceived with. She stressed on enhancing the capabilities of women and how women bear the brunt of societal oppression. Dr. Ashai stated that process of socialization is different for men and women and diverse set of norms set for both. She further averred that women as wives and mothers have fewer powers as all contemporary societies are male dominated. She talked about how juxtaposition of female body and her identity are the pivots around which the role of women have evolved over centuries. Dr. Ashai stressed on the need to break shackles of patriarchal mindset deep rooted in the society and give women their autonomy and independence. She also shared how in an armed conflict women are the worst sufferers and women empowerment is the need of the present times. She encouraged women to talk for themselves and not be silent sufferers along. She called for making women empowerment an inclusive activity involving both men & women as gender norms need to be shared with both females and males to achieve gender equality. Dr. Ashai further emphasized on the need for prioritization of education of girls.

Ms Asha Khosa, Independent Journalist and Writer averred that women all across the world have the same kind of problems with varying degrees and these collective problems need common solutions. She advocated that from empowerment the narrative should move to equality & providing women with opportunities. She stressed on the need to come up with revolutionary ideas to make this possible. Ms. Khosa stated that social media has brought the world closer and given women an opportunity to look beyond the existing prospects.

Prof. (Dr.) D.K. Bandhopadhyay, Chairman, ALSN shared that the aim of the event was to sensitize women about their rights and responsibilities to create an equitable society and how Amity University was providing a platform to women across its campuses and various research initiatives.

Also present during the deliberations were Prof. (Dr.) Shefali Raizada, Additional Director, ALSN and Prof. (Dr.) Aditya Tomar, Additional Director, ALSN.

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